Won't someone think of the children

Won't someone please think of the children

An ORG internal wiki page to facilitate the creation of a small document to:

  1. detail the reasons why internet filtering for children at non-parent level does not work
  2. list the many examples of failure
  3. suggest more effective approaches as a constructive alternative.

Areas and people

  • Francis : General legal advice
  • James : Layout
  • Contributions by section?

Decisions, decisions

  • Proper name!
  • How many pages?
  • Colour or B&W?
  • Intended audience
  • Deadline?
  • How many sections
  • What sections? What size each section?
  • Final editorial control
  • Approval by ORG staffers before release with the group brand on it
  • Printing and online distribution
  • Others...?

Things to consider

Meeting 1 : 26/06/09

sykpe : david.durant

Voxra Andersen volunteers to investigate history and plans for child-related internet censorship in other countries.