William Hague MP

William Hague MP (Conservative) MP for Richmond (Yorks).


Communications Data Bill

"If we do not update our ability to detect terrorism and criminality in this country, that will have a very serious effect, so I encourage the hon. Gentleman to look at this in detail. It is very important for maintaining law and order in the UK."[1]

Internet Freedom

Conference on cyberspace in Budapest 2012

Addressing an international cyberspace conference in Budapest, he said states should always "err on the side of freedom", even when they found online content offensive or objectionable.[2]

Conference on Cyberspace in Seoul 2013

He called for an international consensus on the future of the internet, stressing the need for an ‘open and borderless’ cyberspace. He spoke of a divide in the international community between countries that want to support the openness of the internet and those who want to be in complete control over its content and resources.

He said that the challenge would be to “ingrain norms which govern state behaviour online and support our collective security, while upholding the values of openness and freedom which have been integral to the success of the internet and are our core values as democratic nations”[3].


2008-03-28 - The Register - MPs pile pressure on ISPs over Phorm
Author: Chris Williams
Summary: William Hague, the Conservative's shadow foreign secretary, has written to the Department for Business, Employment and Regulatory Reform, voicing constituents' opposition to the deals signed by BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse to spy on the web browsing of millions.



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