Volunteer meeting Wednesday 27 February 08



  • Physical: Michael, Becky, Adam, Glyn, Chris, Sheila, Anon, Matthew, Chris, Gianluca and Dot
  • IRC: Dynamo Ace and Joss Wright

Update of actions from last meeting

  • Thanks to Chris for HTMLing the RTM briefing pack. Anyone want to do the same for the (much longer) elections report? And should these documents also be on the wiki?
  • Great work Sheila and Harry for their stewardship of the ORG Upcoming group
  • F1000 widget (PKA Badgr) is looking good and is a separate item below
  • Data-loss widget has come slowly but surely; on course to launch in Feb supporters update
  • MJP's (excellent and echoed) suggestion for closer integration with MySoc tools: yet to progress because development capacity at max
  • Task ticketing database: on-hold until its main sponsor, Ms Suw Charman, returns from her honeymoon
  • 'Chug for ORG' - GLyn's off to a PHP conference this Friday and we're plotting to be at Linux World expo and a couple more such conferences this year. Watch this space (and if anyone is really keen to recruit unsuspecting geeks to the cause then just say so)
  • CSS for new 'issues' page: Sheila hopes to complete by next week
  • Creative Biz: we still need more people to share their links to free and open culture audio / video / literature works with our project wiki. Chris is pushing on with preparing the course materials. (Dynamo Ace expressed interest; Michael to follow up)
  • ORG / Moo stickers: Michael to ask Stef (Moo chieftain who sits on our Advisory Council) about whether we can use to raise income

Badgr (F1000 badge) update


  • Contrary to rumours circulating on org-tech the badgr is not on hold until new CRM software is complete, so Chris and Chris should proceed apace.

Term extension campaign brainstorm

New campaign site soon to be launched at http://www.soundcopyright.eu. Includes blog to promote cross-European actions, petition and French / German translations. Useful suggestions for campaign ideas from brainstorm include:

  • Contacting Lab / Con / LD MEP IP specialist, who will set policy for all to follow
  • Gianluca to pursue Italian translations and involvement
  • (More to follow; my notes are elsewhere)

Barcamp Hack brainstorm

The good people at Brighton Barcamp have offered to 'Hack for ORG' at their Barcamp hack March unconference. Any suggestions?

  • Generally agree that better to give them ideas of our current campaigns rather than specify objections, which should spark their creativity to fill the gaps in our tools and services.

Helper for CBDE seminar

  • Chris Mear to help on Monday 17
  • Michael to resend email for Felix and Matthew to specify which of Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 they can do

Wikifying ORG consultation submissions

  • Michael to follow up with anonymous volunteer

General Wiki work

  • Thanks to Joss and Dot for agreeing to put in some graft here. Please ask Michael and Glyn if you need direction.


  • Matthew Petty and Chris Mear's business partner (not-present!) agree to work on a logo. Harry to follow up.
  • All are prompted to use and abuse this splendid new open-guv tool

News blog

  • As suggested by Harry, we should have a blog specified to publicising the many stories that appear on org-discuss. Sheila agrees to work on this in the next week or two.


Next meeting will be Thursday 3 April at more usual time of 1830