Volunteer meeting Thursday 9 October 08

If you want to get more involved with digital rights and ORG, then your first stop should be a volunteer meeting, where we run through current volunteer works and dish out new tasks. Please put your name down below if you intend to attend. The next meet will be at 1830 on Thursday 9 October, at our office, which is 7th floor, 100 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8AL. And as usual, we'll have the IRC running (freenode.irc.net, #openrightsgroup, webchat) so that non-locals can participate. Any questions? Then email info at openrightsgroup dot org or phone +44 (0) 20 7096 1079

  • Michael Holloway
  • Becky Hogge (on IRC)
  • Relly Annett-Baker (on IRC)
  • Adski (prob in person)
  • Rowan
  • Casey Fitzpatrick
  • James Heaver
  • Matt Peperell
  • Chris Mear
  • Felix Cohen


Michael, Glyn, Adam, Sheila, James, Chris M, Felix, Matt Nida, Matt P, Casey, Rowan.


  • Website discussion was constructive: Sheila got useful feedback and promises to contribute later and via Get Satisfaction. Michael to contact Richard Pope as possible designer. Adam and Glyn agree to do a user / roles audit when appropriate.
  • Glyn, Sheila and Felix offered to help at Piracy vs Obscurity
  • Data losses: Casey will tend the spreadsheet and Rowan can do the CSS. Michael to relay some concerns and suggestions to Sam.
  • Chris M will admin the Facebook group and investigate possible Bebo presence.
  • Matt P will get into supdb (and asks whether the code is in subversion). Michael to connect Casbon with Matt P, Chris A and jontyw.
  • Adam to bring Matt P up-to-speed with the office network. Michael to discuss with Cronin.
  • James H will help Michael stuffing envelopes.
  • Matt Nida interested to help with the Newsblog. Michael to chase him and Richard King along.
  • Michael to email Chris M about the F1000 widget.

Draft agenda

Sheila's website overhaul

  • Naming exercise
  • Nav discussion
  • Pro bono designers?!
  • How can we clarify roles and people as part of process?

Gaiman event

  • 6 events folks for the Gaiman event 24 October (Patricia, James H and Casey have already volunteered)
    • 1 x events coordinator (also in charge of audio recording)
    • 2 x refreshment coordinators
    • 3 x money grabbers

Data losses

In the context of continued data leaks from private and public sectors, Sam Smith has this great idea: we put up a page/survey which gives you a series of questions, which asks "does this affect you?". When you've had all the losses, you get told how many times *your* data has been lost or might have been lost. Here's the rough idea. So Sam can put the back-end together but we need a CSS coder to make it look pretty. Also need people to fill in this spreadsheet so that it's got the questions in it. Finally, we also need someone to keep an eye on the UK Privacy Debacles page and copy over links as they appear.

  • Data loss widget update from Felix?


  • Adam Giles has put together a new Facebook page for ORG (although its not yet public!). Does anyone fancy being an admin?
  • We have a LinkedIn group thanks to Guy Rintoul. Anyone know what to do with it?
  • Given Bebo is bigger than arsebook in the UK, we should be on it. Any ideas? Anyone in the right age range?!


  • Any python coders to work up SupDB to a public release (jontyw, chris adams)
  • Office network admin (Matt)
  • We now send monthly welcome letters to new supporters (60 last month, about 50 the month before!), which would be easier with some extra hands
  • Data loss widget update from Felix? (Also, see Sprout Builder)
  • We need more people to post to the newsblog
  • Can all stallers please review and develop this rough guide to stallholding?
  • Casey's (C) article
  • Suggestions for venue and activities for Xmas party
  • F1000 widget update from Chris? (Also, see Sprout Builder)