Volunteer meeting Thursday 28 August 08

If you want to get more involved with digital rights and ORG, then your first stop should be a volunteer meeting, where we run through current volunteer works and dish out new tasks. Please put your name down below if you intend to attend. The next meet will be at 1830 on Thursday 28 August, at our office, which is 7th floor, 100 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8AL. And as usual, we'll have the IRC running (freenode.irc.net, #openrightsgroup, webchat) so that non-locals can participate. Any questions? Then email info at openrightsgroup dot org or phone +44 (0) 20 7096 1079


  • Physical: Michael, Becky, James Heaver, Casey (surname?)
  • Virtual: Alaric, JonRob, Rowan, amln

Brief recap

  • Thanks to Sheila for keeping up her work on a website overhaul and the Upcoming group
  • Thanks to Adam for working more on the office network, which is firing. Thanks to Lemon and Felix for agreeing to deputise.
    • (New CSS template for website. Adam has gone quiet, presumably because its a tough job and will be deferred as part of Sheila's overhaul.)
  • Thanks to Harry for helping Gavin with a map. And for agreeing to help out with our stall at the Green Party conference next weekend (see below)
  • Community reselling; no word from Dan but Missionfish should become an option in the next six months
  • T-shirts are coming slowly; Michael needs to contact more designers. Mr XKCD is generally hard to get hold of. No real progress on the posters :(
  • James did some work on one-sheets and a banner stand but needs a kickstart (and printing in quantity for two upcoming conferences)
  • (PCGuard blockage was a local settings issue)


  • Additional, local sysadmins to work with Adam, Lemon and Felix on the office network (subject to approval)
    • No takers. MH to find someone in Venda office?!
  • Newsblog (Richard absent so no real discussion)
    • Urgently need more bloggers to share the posting load. V small time commitment.
      • Casey agrees to help posting.
    • What's the hold-up on template fixes?
    • Meta / descriptions?
  • More Green Party conference (6/7 September) stallers? We only have the barest numbers right now.
    • James Heaver to help on the Sunday
  • Gaiman event 24 October: we need 4 events assts (2 x tickets; 1 x refreshments; 1 x recording) and 1 events manager needed (Michael will be absent)
    • James and Casey
  • Sound Copyright buttons - Glyn's gone quiet on these so who else wants to help Gavin produce?
    • No takers so Michael checking with EFF
  • ORG-Local: discuss date and location for ORG South West meeting
    • Alaric is in touch with venues. Becky to provide a list of suitable dates so we can firm something by Weds 3 September
  • Guides - anyone's welcome to tidy these up. Privacy is nearly done but (C) is a bit rough.
  • CSS fix needed for "campaign resources" on slim browser windows, breaks layout and drops down an extra line.
  • More interns?
  • Holiday guide - links?!

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