Volunteer meeting Thursday 15 May 08


If you want to get more involved with digital rights and ORG, then your 1st stop should be a volunteer meeting, where we run through current volunteer works and dole out new tasks. Please put your name down below if you intend to attend. The next meet will be at 1830 on Thursday 15 May, located at ORG HQ (7th floor, 100 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8AL). And as usual, we'll have the IRC running so that non-locals can participate. Any questions? Then email info at openrightsgroup dot org


  • Michael Holloway
  • Becky Hogge
  • AMLN McGreggor


  • Replacing Glyn as the press archivist, which basically involves linking to ORG mentions from the press section of the wiki. Glyn does so much work for ORG and it would be nice if someone else can take on this duty.