Hi, I was the first to sign the original Pledge that started ORG back in June 2005. It was actually a toss-up who did this: me, Cory or Ian Brown. I'm on the ORG board, and I also work as the group's liaison for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which works in similar areas to ORG in the United States and internationally. That's my day job -- if you'd like to work with EFF on issues such as the Broadcast Flag, WIPO, or NSA wiretapping, give me a mail at [[1]].

I try to make it back to the UK, my original home as often as I can, and I love to hear what's going on there in the digital rights world. I'm proud to have done my bit to get ORG off the ground.

Here's my Wikipedia entry, which is probably more accurate than anything I could say here :)'Brien