Theresa Villiers MP

Theresa Villiers MP (Conservative) MP for Chipping Barnet. Shadow Transport Secretary. Member of EURIM.


2007-12-17 - Conservative Press Release - Another data loss debacle
Summary: Theresa Villiers has attacked the Government after the personal details of three million learner drivers were lost by a Department of Transport agency. This is the third major data breach reported by a DfT agency, and the Shadow Transport Secretary said: "This latest debacle shows a systemic failure within the Government's data protection controls. The words Labour and incompetence are now synonymous." Theresa said this incident must spell the end for Labour's proposed national road pricing scheme: "How can the public possibly trust this incompetent department with information on every journey made by the 33 million vehicles on Britain's roads?"
2007-12-11 - BBC - Thousands of driver details lost
Summary: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Northern Ireland has lost the personal details of 6,000 people, on two discs after being sent to the agency's headquarters in Swansea. The information was not encrypted. Shadow Transport Secretary Theresa Villiers said "It looks like it has failed to learn anything from the HMRC catastrophe,"