Tessa Jowell MP

Digital Economy Bill

Not contacted.

Communications Data Bill

Contacted to arrange a meeting to discuss Communications Data Bill after the Joint Committee's report on it.

Received this response on 14/12/2012:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately long-standing diary commitments mean I will be unable to meet with you on Monday.

However this is a very important issue and I have been contacted by a number of constituents who have serious concerns about the lack of safeguards in the Bill. I agree with this view and it is clear that the government is making a complete mess of this issue.

This Bill is too widely drawn, is unworkable and gives far too much power to the Home Secretary without proper safeguards.

Furthermore, as Yvette Copper recently pointed out: "It is astonishing that the Home Office have had so little discussion with the internet companies who need to deliver this legislation. The Government have been slipshod with this bill from the word go."

I have raised my concerns with the Home Secretary in the past and will again be writing to her next week.

I'm sorry that I won't be able to meet you but please do feel free to pass on your concerns by email if you wish.

With best wishes,

Tessa Jowell MP


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