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I have compiled a list from bits n pieces found in other posts and our today's discussion along with my proposal structure on how to work on the project. It could be possibly a candidate for the wiki.

Please comment/add/remove points.

Hardware part

  • Supported USB/non USB mobile dongles, availability, price
 o How many can be supported (power concerns)?
  • Power cable specification, price
 o RPi often hangs when there is not enough power.
  • Memory card class (speed), size, price
 o Size depends on the amount of data we want to keep before submission to "backend".
  • SIM cards: price, availability, needed data volume, coverage of mobile networks.

Software part

RPi software part

Perhaps this section can host multiple architectures (PC, Mac,Android, others).

  • RPi boot image
 o Providing an image ready to roll RPi OS and ooni.
  • OS updates (security updates)
 o Since RPi is going to be 24/7 online it's quite important toassure that at least the security updates being performed. However it could cause problem with ooni version specific packages.
  • Network configuration
 o Automatically recognize the mobile network being used and configure accordingly.
 o Has general internet access (via ethernet or wifi).
ooni-probe software part
  • Installation: packages and/or install script
 o People should be able to install it themselves (automatic or manual).
 o Building by adds transparency to the whole project.
  • Upgrade: would be nice to ensure that upgrade (auto, manual or both) is possible.
  • Rulesets, tests, decks
 o Can routinely connect to a queue service on the internet, pull done URLs to check, and send back structured data in response.
 o Support deployment of "Ooni Probe" tests.
 o Has some understanding of the various styles of blocking responses, and can extract metadata regarding the block.
ooni-backend software part
  • API: ooni-backend provides an API that allows applications to interact with ooni-probe. website

  • Improve our tool
 o Accept requests for check ups as well as blocked reports
  • Publish tables of results on website, eg. sites misclassified and dates, plus current status.

Research part

  • Collate results in repository
 o Help other ORG activists to build their own probes and tools for testing, submitting URLs to us.
  • Threats
 o Threats: Hypothetical security risks for Ooni's associated Roles.

Half-baked ideas

Mobile application
  • Android app
  • Mysociety help/resources
Web browser extension


  • RPi: Raspberry Pi
  • OS: Operating System

The spam filter won't let me add a link to a Control_of_Internet_Access_(Child_P****graphy)_Bill_2006 - maybe that's why it's an orphaned page - Sheila 15:52, 27 December 2006 (GMT)


There has been some discussion about the blocking of bits of 4chan by BT, claimed to be via Cleanfeed. Wikipedia:4chan has some details and references. I cannot load any of the discussion as Vodafone block the entire site(!) but this is one of the references given. Secretlondon 03:50, 20 November 2007 (UTC)