TTIP or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a proposed free-trade agreement between the US and the European Union.

There is great controversy surrounding the secrecy of the negotiations and its very broad provisions, its topics ranging from chemicals to motor vehicles. The US pages claims that it is a treaty aimed at eliminating tariffs the reduce opportunities for US trade

War on Want and other civil society organizations interpret this to mean that the US wishes to eliminate EU regulations on GM foods, expand patent protection, and limit regulations regarding safety and data protection. It has been noted that Congress member are only permitted to view the treat in a special room with no aides or the ability to take notes.[1] It is generally believed that this treaty could end existing democratic structures in favor of corporate takeover.

Major Concerns

Secrecy and bypass of democratic processes

Rather than leaks we need transparency, in January the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act was introduced which effectively "fast tracks" trade agreements like TTIP. This bill effectively limit lawmakers time for hearings and their ability to amend clauses before they are binding in the US government.

Overriding democracy and lobbying

War on Want has called TTIP "an attempt by transnational corporations to prise open and deregulate markets on both sides of the Atlantic".

Intellectual property

Perhaps the biggest concern within TTIP is it's section on intellectual property and how it is shared and used online