Syed Kamall MEP

Dr Syed Kamall is a Conservative MEP for the London region.



"I was alarmed to read the view attributed to David Omand that future intelligence gathering will have to be at the expense of privacy (Report, 25 February). Travel records, financial information and many other forms of personal data should not be made available as a matter of course, but only with the permission of a magistrate in respect of particular individuals suspected of planning terrorist acts."
"It used to be that the excuse for increasing the surveillance powers of the state was the protection of everyone's freedom. It is now clear that everyone's freedom is to be sacrificed in the name of the surveillance state."
"We have the largest DNA database in the world, a police force that invades parliamentary offices without a warrant, European laws that allow personal data to be shared with other countries and government encouraging police to hack computers without a court order. It seems that the more personal data this government gets its hands on, the more it is emboldened to ask for more."

Our surveillance state and the price of freedom Monday 2 March 2009

Communications Data Bill

Asked questions (E-000512/2011, E-011445-12) to the European Commission regarding the compatibility of the bill with EU law.