Second ORG networking evening


The Open Rights Group is proud to announce our special guest speakers for our second networking evening on 7 Feb 2006. Cory Doctorow, outgoing European Co-Ordinator for the EFF, novelist and editor of, will be talking about copyright and Digital Restrictions Management. Phil Booth, national co-ordinator for No2ID, will be describing the latest decisive stages of the battle to stop ID cards in the UK.

Don't let Hollywood hijack your rights
Cory Doctorow

American entertainment companies say they're fighting piracy, but they're going at it by punishing the innocent to get at the guilty. A pan-European digital television restrictions proposal will turn the studios from companies that can control copying of movies into companies that can control the design of all digital TV devices, that get to define how big your family is allowed to be, that get to take away all the rights you get under copyright law and sell them back to you, one painful, expensive dribble at a time. It's not really a business plan: more like a urinary tract infection. Europe's coming Broadcast Flag will ban open source for digital TV, break the devices in your living room, and turn you into a truly captive audience. Get your torch and pitchfork, for this genuinely sucks -- and you shouldn't take it lying down!

The government throws its last desperate ID dice
Phil Booth

The UK government has been trying for nearly 5 years to introduce a massively intrusive ID card and centralised database recording detailed information about the lives of UK citizens. No2ID is a non-partisan campaign that has been fighting the legislation through public education, briefing of MPs and peers, and non-stop media activism.

Phil will describe the government's latest manoeuvres, and how each of its justifications for the legislation have been undermined by the most surprising sources -- including ex-spooks, the City, the Conservative party and local councils across the country.

This free event is open to digital rights campaigners, grassroots activists, the press and the general public, so please do send this information to anyone you think may be interested.

Refreshments and nibbles will be provided free of charge.

When and where

Tuesday 7 February 2006, 6pm–9pm
01Zero-One Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, London, W1F 0HS
Map (Google Maps)

Note: 01Zero-One is sometimes a difficult venue to find if you've never been there before. On the corner of Hopkins and Peter Street, you'll see a featureless brick wall, with nothing but a black door in it. That anonymous black door is the one you want — just ring the buzzer and it'll be opened for you, if it's not propped open with a brick, that is.


Please sign your name below if you wish to attend. Note: We have a limit of 100 people at this venue, so if for any reason you find you can't come, please remove your name from the list so that someone else can take your place.

  1. Suw Charman
  2. Alan Connor
  3. Graham Seaman
  4. Owen Blacker
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  6. Glyn Wintle
  7. Jon Peterson
  8. Ian Brown
  9. Micheal Holloway
  10. Simon Willison
  11. Kevin Anderson
  12. Paula le Dieu
  13. Harry Metcalfe
  14. Frederic de Villamil
  15. James Cox
  16. Tom Phillips
  17. Richard Harris
  18. Frankie Roberto
  19. Ed Jefferson
  20. Simon Thompson
  21. Chris Applegate
  22. Pete Bradwell
  23. Dave Holden
  24. Ben Braithwaite
  25. Dan O'Huiginn
  26. Alex Singleton
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We need just two or three volunteers to help organise name badges, prepare the nibbles, sort out seating etc. You would need to arrive at the venue at about 4pm.

  1. I hopefully can arrive shortly after 6pm to help --Ianb 00:30, 26 January 2006 (GMT)
  2. I can arrive at 4pm to help --Glyn
  3. Michael Holloway, from 4pm
  4. Yet another enthusiast ready to show up at 4 p.m. Betsy Devine
  5. I can pop along at any time after about midday. I'll be there at 4. --Tom Morris

Thanks guys! Will be in touch by email to confirm what time we need you to turn up.