Sadiq Khan MP

Sadiq Khan MP Labour MP for Tooting Assistant Whip, HM Treasury. Awarded 'Newcomer of the Year' by the Spectator Magazine Parliamentarian of the Year awards 2005. He was also runner up in Channel 4's 'Rising Star' award, and has been described as 'one to watch' by both The Independent and The New Statesman. Prior to becoming the MP for Tooting, Sadiq was a Human Rights solicitor having been a founding partner of one of the country's leading Human Rights firms. Sadiq was Chair of Liberty for 3 years. Sadiq was also previously a visiting lecturer at University of North London and London Metropolitan University, and a former governor of South Thames FE College.


2008-02-03 - Spy Blog - Sunday Times: illegal bugging of Muslim MP - Wilson Doctrine breached?
Summary: Two topics about which we have written about here on Spy Blog, namely the Wilson Doctrine executive administrative prohibition on tapping or bugging the communications of Members of Parliament, and the controversial attempt by the US government to extradite British Muslim IT technician Babar Ahmad to the USA, without presenting any prima facie evidence to a British Court.
2008-02-03 - The Sunday Times - Police bugged Muslim MP Sadiq Khan
Summary: Scotland Yard’s antiterrorist squad secretly bugged a high-profile Labour Muslim MP during private meetings with one of his constituents. Sadiq Khan, now a government whip, was recorded by an electronic listening device hidden in a table during visits to the constituent in prison.