Richard Ashworth MEP

Richard Ashworth (1947) is a British Conservative Member of the European Parliament. He represents South East England.


Mr. Ashworth abstained on the vote on ACTA [1]

Broadband Speed

Mr. Ashworth wrote an open letter on 20 August 2012. The substantive text of the letter reads:

Plans to upgrade broadband speeds across East Sussex must not be delayed any further. European red-tape must not stand in the way of super-fast broadband being provided across East Sussex and the South East.

In a letter to the EU Commission's Vice President Jacques Almunia I have am seeking assurances that their are no further delays in the plans of East Sussex County Council or Broadband Delivery UK, to upgrade broadband speeds.

I have expressed my own concerns that businesses in my constituency and rural communities are being adversly affected by the delay; super-fast broadband will allow SME's and rural communities to functionand compete against businesses and win new trade.

I am extremely annoyed EU red tape has blocked essential improvements in tele-communications and internet speeds in East Sussex and across the South East. I am seeking an immediate remedy here by Commissioner Almunia and a clear explanation as to why this delay has taken place.


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