Resources for Designs

This page is intended as a central stop-off point for resources useful in designing ORG-related merchandise.

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ORG Style Guide

To give a consistent look and feel to ORG merchandise, and reinforce the connection between diverse items, we should strive to use common design elements.


The Open rights Group uses DIN for most titles and display work where possible. In longer form printed reports, Helvetica Neue is the typeface of choice.

DIN fonts used for CBDE print work:

DIN 1451 Engschrift

DIN 1451 Engschrift Alternate

DIN 1451 Mittelshrift

DIN 1451 Mittelshrift Alternate

DIN 30640 Neuzeit Grotesk Bold Condensed

DIN 30640 Neuzeit Grotesk Light

ORG Logos

High resolution and vector versions of the ORG logos are available for print use.