Polling stations Tower Hamlets

Polling Stations for Tower Hamlets (01 May 2008)

Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Address 4 Postcode Polling district Polling Place Id Borough ID Information
Old Palace Primary School St. Leonards Street London E3 3BT BBB1 1502 30
Clara Grant Primary School Knapp Road Entrance London E3 4BU BBB2 1508 30
Marner Primary School Devas Street London E3 3LL BBB3 1511 30
LLIC Centre Ditchburn Street Entrance 316 Poplar High Street London E14 0BB BCT1 1514 30
The Gallery Jack Dash House 2 Lawn House Close London E14 9YQ BCT2 1518 30
Cubitt Town Infants School Manchester Road London E14 3NE BCT3 1522 30
St Luke`s CE Primary School Saunders Ness Road London E14 3EB BCT4 1525 30
Town Hall Mulberry Place 5 Clove Crescent London E14 2BG BCT5 1521 30
Francis Lee Community Centre Clare House Hawthorne Avenue London E3 5PY BE1 1530 30
Old Peoples` Club 41 Wrights Road London E3 5LB BE2 1535 30
Tredegar Centre 333 Morville Road London E3 2DD BE3 1542 30
Bow Seconday School (Bow Road Entrance) Paton Close London E3 2QD BE4 1543 30
Pritchards Road Day Centre Marion Place Pritchards Road London E2 9AX BGN1 1546 30
St Elizabeth`s RC Primary School Bonner Road London E2 9JY BGN2 1549 30
Lawdale Primary School Mansford Street London E2 6LS BGN3 1553 30
Oaklands Secondary School Blythe Street Entrance Old Bethnal Green Road London E2 6PR BGN4 1556 30
Hague Primary School Wilmot Street London E2 0BP BGS1 1559 30
John Scurr Primary School Cephas Street London E1 4AX BGS2 1562 30
Stewart Headlam Primary School Tapp Street London E1 5RE BGS3 1565 30
Whitechapel Sports Centre Durward Street London E1 5BA BGS4 1569 30
Chisenhale Primary School Chisenhale Road London E3 5QY BW1 1574 30
Olga Primary School Lanfranc Road London E3 5DN BW2 1580 30
Central Foundation Secondary School College Terrace London E3 5AW BW3 1581 30
Malmesbury Primary School Coborn Street London E3 2AB BW4 1583 30
St Saviour's C of E Primary School Chrisp Street (Brabazon Street Entrance) London E14 6BB EIL1 1586 30
Bygrove Primary School Bygrove Street London E14 6DN EIL2 1589 30
Brownfield Senior Citizens Club 96 Burcham Street London E14 0SH EIL3 1592 30
Culloden Primary School Dee Street London E14 0PT EIL4 1595 30
Teviot Centre Wyvis Street London E14 6QD EIL5 1599 30
Stepney Greencoat Primary School Norbiton Road London E14 7TF LI1 1601 30
Hind Grove Community Centre Off Stainsby Road London E14 6PJ LI2 1604 30
Holy Family School Wades Place London E14 0DE LI3 1610 30
Cyril Jackson Primary School 51 Three Colt Street London E14 8HH LI4 1611 30
Professional Development Centre English Street London E3 4TA MEE1 1619 30
Wellington Primary School Wellington Way London E3 4NE MEE2 1621 30
St Pauls with St Lukes School Leopold Street London E3 4LA MEE3 1624 30
Stebon Primary School Burdett Estate Off St Paul's Way London E14 7AD MEE4 1628 30
Bonner Primary School Stainsbury Street London E2 0NF MGT1 1632 30
The Tramshed Digby Street London E2 0LS MGT2 1637 30
Harpley Secondary School Globe Road London E1 4DZ MGT3 1640 30
Latimer Congregational Hall Ernest Street London E1 4LS MGT4 1643 30
Seven Mills Primary School Malabar Street London E14 8LY MI1 1648 30
St Edmund's RC Primary School 297 Westferry Road London E14 3RS MI2 1651 30
Harbinger Primary School Cahir Street London E14 3QP MI3 1657 30
Stepney Green Secondary School Ben Jonson Road London E1 4SD SDS1 1660 30
Cayley Primary School Aston Street London E14 7NG SDS2 1662 30
Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat Secondary Sch Stepney Way (Bromley St. Entrance) London E1 0RH SDS3 1665 30
Halley Primary School Halley Street London E14 7SS SDS4 1732 30
Bigland Green Primary School Bigland Street London E1 2ND SH1B 1668 30
Bigland Green Primary School Bigland Street London E1 2ND SH1P 1668 30
St Mary's & St Michael's Parish Community Hall Lukin Street London E1 0AA SH2 1671 30
Glamis Tenants Hall 414 Cable Street London E1 0AF SH3 1674 30
Portakabin on private access road to Royal Foundation of St. Katharine 2 Butcher Row London E14 8DS SH4 1677 30
Blue Gate Fields Infants School King David Lane (Cable Street Entrance) London E1 0EH SH5 1735 30
Ogilvie Community Hall Ogilvie House Stepney Causeway London E1 2JP SH6 1736 30
St Paul's Primary School Wellclose Square London E1 8HY SK1 1680 30
St Peter's Primary School Garnet Street London E1W 3QT SK2B 1686 30
St Peter's Primary School Garnet Street London E1W 3QT SK2P 1686 30
John Orwell Sports Centre Tench Street London E1W 2QD SK3 1687 30
Hermitage Primary School Vaughan Way London E1W 2PT SK4 1691 30
Christ Church Primary School 47A Brick Lane London E1 6PU SPB1 1694 30
Osmani Primary School Vallance Road London E1 5AD SPB2 1698 30
Canon Barnett Primary School Gunthorpe Street London E1 7RQ SPB3 1702 30
Columbia Primary School Columbia Road London E2 7RG WE1 1705 30
Virginia Primary School Hocker Street Entrance London E2 7NQ WE2 1711 30
St Matthias Primary School Bacon Street London E2 6DY WE3 1717 30
Kobi Nazrul Primary School Settles Street London E1 1JP WH1 1718 30
Tower Hamlets Community Housing 285 Commercial Road London E1 2PS WH2 1724 30
Smithy Street Primary School Smithy Street London E1 3BW WH3 1728 30
Harry Gosling Primary School Fairclough Street London E1 1NB WH4 1729 30

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