Polling stations Southwark

Polling Stations for Southwark (01 May 2008)

Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Postcode Polling district Borough ID Information
St George`s C.E Sch. Coleman Road BPK1 28
Caribb Youth & Community Association 166 Benhill Road Camberwell SE5 7LL BPK2 28
Camberwell Green United Reform Church Entrance In Love Walk BPK3 28
Southwark Education Library Service Wilson Road Camberwell SE5 8PD BPK4 28
Room A1/A2 Southwark Town Hall Peckham Road BPK5 28
John Ruskin Primary School John Ruskin Street SE5 0PQ CAM1 28
Jessie Duffett Tenants Hall (Wyndham Hall) Wyndham Road SE5 0UB CAM2 28
Sacred Heart Parish Centre Entrance In Knatchbull Rd CAM3 28
Crawford Primary Sch Crawford Road SE5 CAM4 28
Camberwell Salvation Army 105 Lomond Grove SE5 7HG CAM5 28
Bankside House 24 Sumner Street CAT1 28
St. Alphege Church Hall Kings Bench St CAT2 28
Charles Dickens School Lant Street SE1 1QP CAT3 28
St. Judes Community Centre St. George`s Road CAT4 28
John Harvard Library Hall 211 Borough High Street CHC1 28
Rockingham Community Centre Falmouth Rd/rockingham St CHC2 28
The Round House Corner of Cardinal Bourne St & Great Dover Street CHC3 28
South London Mission Central Hall 256 Bermondsey St CHC4 28
Tabard Gardens TMC Hall 3 Hankey Place CHC5 28
Dulwich College Old Library Dulwich Common SE21 7LD COL1 28
Kingswood House Seeley Drive SE21 8QR COL2 28
Sydenham Hill TRA Hall `The Old Laundry` Lapse Wood Walk COL3 28
St. Margaret Clitherow Church Hall Dulwich Wood Park COL4 28
Lordship Lane TRA Hall Entr. Rear of Bew Court COL5 28
Dulwich Grove United Reformed Church East Dulwich Grove SE22 8RH EDL1 28
East Dulwich Community Centre Darrell Road EDL2 28
Heber Primary School Heber Road EDL3 28
St. Clements Church Hall Friern Road Or Barry Road EDL4 28
Christchurch UR&M Church 263 Barry Road EDL5 28
Newington Junior Library 155-157 Walworth Rd EWL1 28
English Martyrs Parish Hall Stead Street Wadding St Entrance EWL2 28
Pembroke House Tatum Street EWL3 28
All Saints Hall Surrey Square EWL4 28
Cobourg Primary School Cobourg Road EWL5 28
St Peters C of E School Liverpool Grove FAR1 28
`84` Tenants Hall  ?2D Level Bradenham Westmoreland Road FAR2 28
Cambridge House And Talbot House 1 Addington Square FAR3 28
Michael Faraday Primary School FAR4 28
Thurlow Lodge Community Hall 1 Thurlow Street SE17 2US FAR5 28
Thurlow Lodge Community Hall 1 Thurlow Street SE17 2US FAR5A 28
Bermondsey Village Hall Kirby Grove Or Tyers Gate GRN1 28
Bermondsey One Stop Shop 17 Spa Road GRN2 28
Haddon Hall Baptist Church 22 Tower Bridge Road GRN3 28
Setchell TA Hall Hazel Way GRN4 28
Alma Primary School Alexis Street GRN5 28
Silverlock Tenants Hall Warndon Street LIV1 28
Links Community Centre Rotherhithe New Road LIV2 28
St Andrews Church Hall 158 Glengall Road SE15 6RS LIV3 28
Camelot Primary School Bird In Bush Road LIV4 28
St John`s Church Hall Springall Street LIV5 28
Tustin Community Centre Tustin Estate LIV6 28
Newington Estate TA Hall 77 Canterbury Place NEW1 28
Keyworth Primary School Faunce Street NEW2 28
Brandon Library 17 Maddock Way SE17 3NH NEW3 28
Pelier Community Hall 19 Hillingdon Street NEW4 28
Surrey Gardens Memorial Hall Penrose Street NEW5 28
Brimmington T&RA Hall Brimmington Estate 2 Culmore Road SE15 2RQ NUN1 28
John Donne School Woods Road NUN2 28
Uden Centre St Thomas the Apostle College Entrance Hollydale Road NUN3 28
St Thomas the Apostle Church 81 Evelina Road SE15 3HL NUN4 28
Buchan TRA Hall Buchan Road NUN5 28
St Antony with St Silas Community Centre NUN6 28
Peckham Settlement Community Centre Goldsmith Road PEC1 28
Peckham Library Peckham Hill Street PEC2 28
St Lukes Church Hall Pentridge Street PEC3 28
Wickway Community Centre Ent: St George`s Way PEC4 28
Sojourner Truth Community Centre Community Centre 161 Sumner Road PEC5 28
Rye Hill Estate Tenants Hall Tenants Hall Peckham Rye PKR1 28
Dulwich Leisure Centre 45 East Dulwich Road SE22 9AN PKR2 28
The Herne Tavern 2 Forest Hill Road SE22 0RR PKR3 28
Harris Girls' Academy Sports Centre Homestall Road SE22 0NR PKR4 28
Harris Girls' Academy Sports Centre Homestall Road SE22 0NR PKR4A 28
Bredinghurst School Stuart Road PKR5 28
Bredinghurst School Stuart Road PKR5A 28
Downside Fisher Youth Club Coxson Place Druid Street SE1 2EZ RIV1 28
Wade Hall Dickens Estate SE1 2DH RIV2 28
Riverside School Janeway Street RIV3 28
Beormund Community Centre 177 Abbey Street RIV4 28
Millpond Tenants Hall Hall 210A Jamaica Road RIV5 28
St Mary`s Church Hall St Marychurch Street SE16 4JE ROT1 28
Alfred Salter School Quebec Way SE16 7LP ROT2 28
Mayflower TRA Hall Neptune Street ROT3 28
Surdoc Social Club 16/19 Cope Street ROT4 28
Abbeyfield Tenants & Residents Committee Hall Abbeyfield Road ROT5 28
The Scout Hall Prospect Street ROT6 28
Sheltered Housing Unit 53 Rock Grove Way SE16 3UB SBE1 28
Ebenezer Baptist Chapel Monnow Road SE1 5RP SBE2 28
St Anne`s Church Hall Thorburn Square SE1 SBE3 28
St Philip`s Church Hall Church Hall Avondale Square SE1 5PD SBE4 28
Galleywall Tenants Hall Galleywall Road SBE5 28
Denmark Hill Community Centre Community Centre Blanchedowne Denmark Hill Estate SCA1 28
Bessemer Grange Primary School Dylways SCA2 28
Albrighton Community Centre Albrighton Road SCA3 28
Goose Green Centre Adj. St Johns Church East Dulwich Road SE22 9AT SCA4 28
Albrighton Community Centre Albrighton Road SCA5 28
Peter Hills Primary School 2 Beatson Walk SE16 5ED SDO1 28
St John`s Primary School School St Elmos Road SDO2 28
Surrey Docks Water Sports Centre Rope Street SDO3 28
Trinity Hall Bryan Road SE16 1HE SDO4 28
Dockland Settlement Rotherhithe Street SDO5 28
The South London Tabernacle Baptist Church Welton Hall Bushey Hill Road TLN1 28
Rye Lane Baptist Church Ent: Cerise Road TLN2 28
Thomas Calton Centre Community Education Alpha Street Ent TLN3 28
Thomas Calton Centre Community Education Alpha Street Ent TLN3A 28
Amott Road Baptist Church Amott Road TLN4 28
Consort Tenants Hall 29 Philip Walk TLN5 28
Herne Hill Methodist Hall Methodist Hall Half Moon Lane VIL1 28
Herne Hill Baptist Church Church Half Moon Lane VIL2 28
St Barnabas Parish Hall 23 Dulwich Village VIL3 28
Dulwich Grove United Reformed Church East Dulwich Grove SE22 8RH VIL4 28
Dulwich Library 368 Lordship Lane VIL5 28

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