Polling stations Harrow

Polling Stations for Harrow (01 May 2008)

ADDRESS 1 ADDRESS 2 ADDRESS 3 POSTCODE Polling district Borough ID
Edgware & District Ex-Servicemens Club Bacon Lane Edgware A 15
The Former Whitchurch Edgware Boys Club Methuen Road Edgware AA 15
Little Stanmore Middle School St. Davids Drive Edgware AB 15
Stag Lane First & Middle School Collier Drive Edgware AC 15
St Lawrence Church Hall St Lawrence Close Edgware B 15
Aylward First & Middle School Pangbourne Drive Stanmore BA 15
Synagogue Community Centre London Road Stanmore BB 15
Canons Hall Wemborough Road Stanmore BC 15
Concert Hall, RNOH Warren Lane Edgware BD 15
Greek Community Hall Kenton Road, Harrow (Near the junction of St Pau C 15
Glebe First & Middle School D'Arcy Gardens Harrow CA 15
Kenmore Park Community Centre Warneford Road Harrow CB 15
Kenton Baptist Church Hall Streatfield Road Harrow CC 15
Queensbury Circle Junction of Honeypot Lane and Taunton Way Stanmore D 15
Culver Evangelical Church Culver Grove Stanmore DA 15
Kenton Baptist Church Hall Streatfield Road Harrow DB 15
Bob Lawrence Library North Parade, Mollison Way Edgware DC 15
Canons Hall Wemborough Road Stanmore E 15
Stanmore Baptist Church Hall Abercorn Road Stanmore EA 15
Belmont Community Hall 385 Kenton Lane Near Belmont Circle EB 15
St Josephs RC School Dobbin Close Harrow EC 15
Culver Evangelical Church Culver Grove Stanmore DA 15
Small Hall, Stanmore Chapel Nelson Road Stanmore F 15
St Johns C of E Middle School Stanmore Hill Stanmore FA 15
Micklem Hall, The Church House Old Church Lane Stanmore FB 15
Woodlands Communal Room Binyon Crescent Stanmore FC 15
Wykeham Hall Bishop Ken Road Harrow FD 15
Weald First & Middle School Robin Hood Drive Harrow G 15
The Blackwell Hall Uxbridge Road Harrow Weald GA 15
Cedars First School Whittlesea Road Harrow GB 15
St Marys Church Hall Kenton Road, near the junction of St Leona Harrow H 15
Kenton Library Kenton Lane, at the junction of Christchur Harrow HA 15
Priestmead First & Middle School Hartford Avenue Harrow HB 15
Wykeham Hall Bishop Ken Road Harrow J 15
Small Hall, Wealdstone Methodist Church Locket Road Harrow JA 15
Whitefriars First & Middle School Whitefriars Avenue Harrow JB 15
Whitefriars First & Middle School Whitefriars Avenue Harrow JC 15
The Healthy Living Centre, Wealdstone Centre Wealdstone High Street Harrow K 15
Communal Room, 99 Churchill Place Barons Mead, off Marlborough Hill Harrow KA 15
Marlborough First & Middle School Marlborough Hill Harrow KB 15
Sangat Community Centre 28A Sancroft Road Harrow KC 15
Comfort Inn Hotel 2-12 Northwick Park Road Harrow L 15
The Welldon Community Centre Welldon Crescent Harrow LB 15
Middles-x New Synagogue Bessborough Road Harrow LC 15
Registrars Reception, Civic Centre Station Road Harrow LD 15
Old Gaytonians Clubhouse South Vale, Sudbury Hill Harrow M 15
Roxeth First & Middle School Roxeth Hill Harrow MA 15
Communal Hall Northolt Road, adjoining Grange Court Harrow MB 15
Whitmore High School Porlock Avenue Harrow MC 15
Roxeth First & Middle School Roxeth Hill Harrow MD 15
St Georges Church Hall Pinner View, opposite the junction of Hide Harrow N 15
North Harrow Assembly Hall Station Road North Harrow NA 15
Main Hall, HAVS Building The Lodge, 64 Pinner Road Harrow NB 15
St Peters Church Sumner Road Harrow O 15
Grange First & Middle School Welbeck Road Harrow OA 15
Elmfield Church Hall Imperial Drive Rayners Lane OB 15
Rayners Lane Baptist Church Hall Imperial Drive, junction of Vicarage Way Rayners Lane OC 15
Pinner Park Middle School Headstone Lane Harrow R 15
North Harrow Methodist Church Pinner Road Harrow HA2 6EQ RA 15
St Albans Church Hall Norwood Drive Harrow RB 15
South Harrow Baptist Church Rooms Northolt Road South Harrow S 15
Earlsmead First & Middle School Arundel Drive Harrow SA 15
Portakabin Junction of The Heights and Gaylor Road Northolt SB 15
The Beacon Scott Crescent Harrow T 15
St Andrews Church Hall Malvern Avenue Harrow TA 15
Windsock Club Eastcote Avenue Harrow TB 15
Tithe Farm Social Club 151 Rayners Lane Harrow U 15
Rayners Lane Scout Headquarters High Worple Harrow UA 15
Longfield First & Middle School Dukes Avenue North Harrow UB 15
Roxbourne First & Middle School Torbay Road Harrow UC 15
The Vagabond Clubhouse Holwell Place Pinner W 15
Pinner Village Hall Chapel Lane Pinner WA 15
Cannon Lane First & Middle School Cannonbury Avenue Pinner WB 15
Pinner Methodist Church Hall Love Lane Pinner X 15
Pinner Wood School Latimer Gardens Pinner HA5 3RA XA 15
Hatch End Free Church (Baptist) Hall Rowlands Avenue Pinner P 15
Guide Headquarters, off public car park Grimsdyke Road Hatch End PA 15
Headstone Senior Citizens Club Augustine Road Harrow PB 15

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