Polling stations Bromley

Polling Stations for Bromley (01 May 2008)

Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Address 4 Postcode Polling district Polling ID Borough ID
St. Luke`s Church Hall Raglan Road Bromley BC1 1069 5
Nettleton Hall, Baptist Church Gravel Road Bromley BC2 1079 5
Bromley Education Development Centre Princes Plain Church Lane Bromley BC3 1083 5
Southborough Primary Southborough Lane Bromley BC4 1086 5
Keston Village Hall Heathfield Road Keston Kent BC5 1089 5
Keston Village Hall Heathfield Road Keston Kent BC5X 1089 5
Oaklands Junior School Oaklands Lane Biggin Hill BH1 1092 5
St. Mark`s Church Hall 10 Church Road Biggin Hill Kent BH2 1095 5
Valley Community Hall Sunningvale Avenue Biggin Hill BH3 1435 5
Scotts Park Primary School Orchard Road Bromley BK1 1102 5
Bullers Wood School Chislehurst Road Chislehurst Kent BK2 1105 5
St. Michael`s Hall Nightingale Lane Bromley BK3 1108 5
St. George`s Bickley C.E. Primary School Tylney Road Bromley Kent BK4 1111 5
St. George`s Church Hall Bickley Park Road Bromley Kent BK5 1114 5
23rd Bromley (St.Augustine Scout Hall) Homemead Road Bromley BK6 1118 5
Valley Primary School Beckenham Lane Bromley BT1 1122 5
Christ Church Bromley Upper Hall Highland Road Bromley BT2 1125 5
Mobile At the Pavilion Queens Mead Recreation Ground Queens Mead Road Bromley BT3 1128 5
Parish Church Rooms Church Road Bromley BT4 1131 5
Bickley Primary School Nightingale Lane Bromley BT5 1134 5
St. Mark`s Church Room Westmoreland Road Bromley BT6 1138 5
St. Swithun`s Church Hall Fashoda Road Bromley Kent BT7 1142 5
St. Nicholas Church Hall Leamington Avenue Orpington Kent CB1 1145 5
Warren Road Primary School Warren Road Orpington Kent CB2 1148 5
The Chelsfield Centre Windsor Drive Chelsfield Orpington Kent CB3 1151 5
Chelsfield Village Hall Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield Orpington Kent CB4 1154 5
Green Street Green Primary School Vine Road Green Street Green Orpington, Kent CB5 1157 5
Pratts Bottom Village Hall Norsted Lane Pratts Bottom Orpington Kent CB6 1161 5
Worsley Bridge Junior School Brackley Road Beckenham Kent CC1 1164 5
Bromley Road Infants School St. George`s Road Beckenham Kent CC2 1167 5
United Reformed Church Hall Oakhill Road Beckenham Kent CC3 1170 5
St. Paul`s Cray C.E.Primary School Buttermere Road Orpington Kent CE1 1173 5
Poverest Coronation Hall Bridge Road Orpington Kent CE2 1176 5
Vernon Hall, Temple United Reformed Church High Street St. Mary Cray Orpington CE3 1179 5
Manor Oak Primary School Sweeps Lane/Blacksmith's Lane St. Mary Cray Orpington, Kent CE4 1182 5
Perry Hall Primary School Perry Hall Road Orpington Kent CE5 1185 5
Duke Youth Centre Park Road St. Mary Cray Orpington Kent CE6 1188 5
The Chislehurst Sports & Country Club Elmstead Lane Chislehurst Kent CH1 1191 5
Red Hill Primary School Red Hill Chislehurst Kent CH2 1195 5
Edgebury Primary School Belmont Lane Chislehurst Kent CH3 1198 5
Chislehurst C.E. Primary School School Road Chislehurst Kent CH4 1201 5
St. Peter & St. Paul R.C. Primary School St. Paul`s Wood Hill Orpington Kent CH5 1204 5
Stewart Fleming Primary School Witham Road London CL1 1207 5
St. Michael`s Church Hall Birkbeck Road Beckenham Kent CL2 1210 5
Churchfields Primary School Churchfields Road Beckenham Kent CL3 1214 5
Balgowan Primary School Balgowan Road Beckenham Kent CL4 1217 5
Beckenham Library 24 Beckenham Road Beckenham Kent CL5 1220 5
Sydenham Lawn Tennis Club Springfield Road Off Lawrie Park Road London CP1 1223 5
St. Paul`s Church Hall Hamlet Road London CP2 1227 5
Anerley Town Hall Anerley Road London CP3 1231 5
Anerley Town Hall Anerley Road London CP4 1231 5
Link Youth Centre Midfield Way St. Paul`s Cray Orpington Kent CW1 1234 5
Gray`s Farm Primary School Gray`s Farm Road St. Paul`s Cray Orpington Kent CW2 1238 5
Leesons Primary School Leesons Hill St. Paul`s Cray Orpington Kent CW3 1241 5
Bromley Adult Education College Poverest Road Orpington Kent CW4 1245 5
Mobile Unit The Car Park The Common Leaves Green DA1 1248 5
Downe Village Hall 24 High Street Downe Orpington Kent DA2 1249 5
Hazelwood Eldon Village Hall 7 Spinney Way Cudham Kent DA3 1253 5
Greenwood Centre 4 High Street Green Street Green Orpington DA4 1439 5
Cudham C.E. Primary School Jail Lane Biggin Hill Kent DA5 1261 5
Church Parish Hall Cudham Lane South Cudham Sevenoaks Kent DA6 1264 5
Westerham Hill Bapt.Church South Street 432 Main Road Westerham Hill Kent DA7 1268 5
St. Paul`s Church Hall Crofton Road Orpington Kent FC1 1271 5
Oak Hall, Crofton Baptist Church Crofton Lane Orpington Kent FC2 1274 5
Crofton Halls York Rise/crofton Road Orpington Kent FC3 1277 5
Darrick Wood Infant School Lovibonds Avenue Orpington Kent FC4 1280 5
Tubbenden Junior School Sandy Bury Off Tile Farm Road Orpington Kent FC5 1283 5
Farnborough Village Hall High Street Farnborough Kent FC6 1286 5
Pickhurst Infant School Pickhurst Lane West Wickham Kent HA1 1289 5
Victory Social Club Kechill Gardens Bromley HA2 1292 5
Hayes Free Church Hall 111 Pickhurst Lane Hayes Bromley HA3 1295 5
Hayes Village Hall Hayes Street Hayes Bromley HA4 1298 5
The Assembly Halls 16-18 Gates Green Road West Wickham Kent HA5 1301 5
The Assembly Halls 16-18 Gates Green Road West Wickham Kent HA5X 1301 5
Coney Hill Baptist Church Coney Hill Road West Wickham Kent HA6X 1308 5
Azelia Hall 258 Croydon Road Beckenham Kent KP1 1311 5
St. Edmunds Church Hall Village Way Beckenham Kent KP2 1314 5
Marian Vian Primary School Shirley Crescent Elmers End Beckenham Kent KP3 1318 5
St. John`s Church Hall Eden Park Avenue Beckenham Kent KP4 1322 5
Odd Fellows Hall 6A Beaconsfield Road Mottingham London MO1 1325 5
Castlecombe Primary School Castlecombe Road Mottingham MO2 1328 5
Mottingham Primary School Ravensworth Road Mottingham London MO3 1332 5
Elmstead Baptist Church Elmstead Lane Chislehurst Kent MO4 1335 5
All Saints Church Hall Bark Hart Road Orpington Kent OR1 1338 5
Hillside School Dyke Drive Orpington Kent OR2 1341 5
Blenheim Primary School Blenheim Road Orpington Kent OR3 1343 5
Methodist Church Hall Sevenoaks Road Orpington Kent OR4 1347 5
Burwood School Avalon Road Orpington Kent OR5 1350 5
Christ Church Charterhouse Road Orpington Kent OR6 1353 5
Holy Trinity Church Centre 66 Lennard Road London PE1 1357 5
Penge Family Church Green Lane London PE2 1361 5
Cator Park School For Girls Lennard Road Beckenham PE3 1364 5
St. John`s C.E. Primary School Maple Road London PE4 1367 5
Kenilworth Church Hall Kenilworth Road Penge London PE5 1370 5
Melvin Hall Melvin Road Penge London PE6 1373 5
Burnt Ash Primary School Rangefield Road Bromley PS1 1376 5
St. Andrew`s Church Hall Burnt Ash Lane Bromley PS2 1379 5
Parish C.E. Primary School London Lane Bromley PS3 1382 5
Trinity United Reformed Church Hall Freelands Road Bromley PS4 1385 5
Warwick Hall St. Mary`s C.E. Church 61 College Road Bromley Kent PS5 1389 5
Garden Estates Assoc. Hall Woodhurst Avenue Petts Wood Orpington Kent PW1 1393 5
Crofton Infant School Towncourt Lane Petts Wood Orpington Kent PW2 1396 5
Memorial Hall Woodland Way Petts Wood Orpington Kent PW3 1399 5
St. John`s Church Hall Lynwood Grove Orpington Kent PW4 1403 5
St. Mary`s Church Hall St. Mary`s Avenue Shortlands Bromley SH1 1406 5
St. Peter`s Church Hall Malmains Way Beckenham Kent SH2 1409 5
Highfield Junior School South Hill Road Shortlands Bromley SH3 1412 5
Highfield Junior School South Hill Road Shortlands Bromley SH3X 1412 5
St. Mark`s C.E. Primary School Aylesbury Road Bromley SH4 1416 5
St. Mark`s C.E. Primary School Aylesbury Road Bromley SH4X 1416 5
St. Francis Church Hall Ravenswood Avenue West Wickham Kent WW1 1420 5
The Phoenix Youth Centre Hawes Lane West Wickham Kent WW2 1423 5
Pickhurst Junior School Pickhurst Lane West Wickham Kent WW3 1426 5
Emmanuel Church Hall The Grove West Wickham Kent WW4 1429 5

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