ORG policy update/2018-w30

This is ORG's Policy Update for the two week period beginning 23/07/2018.

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ORG’s work

  • ORG have continued to campaign against Article 13.

Official meetings

UK Parliament

Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

This bill has made its way to its third sitting in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords (as of July 2018).

Other national developments

ORG media coverage

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2018-06-22-NS Tech-“Dreadful” European copyright rules are one step closer to becoming law
Author: Oscar Williams
Summary: New EU copyright rules that critics warn could “turn the internet into a tool for the automated surveillance of its users” are one step closer to becoming a reality. ORG has warned that this could undermine freedom of speech. If this were to become the law, copyrighted materials such as memes and remixes would be banned.
Topics: Data protection EU Article13

2018-07-25- Critics charge Scottish Biometrics Commissioner will lack scope, enforcement power Author: Chris Burt Summary: The lack of regulation by Police Scotland’s Databases of facial images was first criticised by MSPs in 2015. The creation of the new Biometrics Commissioner, means their position would hold less power than the Scottish Information Commissioner. “While the Scottish Information Commissioner, a similar body but in a different area of public life, could refer a public body who fails to comply with a notice to the courts in Scotland, the Biometrics Commissioner would only be able to refer it to the Scottish Parliament,” said Scotland’s Open Rights Director Matthew Rice. Topics: Data protection Copyright

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