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This is ORG's Policy Update for the week beginning 09/07/2018.

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”””Articles 11 and 13 are being sent back for re-evaluation”””

The Copyright Directive has been stalled until a further debate which will occur this September, pending reformation of its proposed policies. Open Rights Group leader Jim Killock congratulates the EU Parliament for its recognition that “machine censorship of copyright material is not an easy and simple fix.” The “massive opposition” has been heard, from the “internet blackouts” and the petition has already gained 750,000 signatures.

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2018-07-14-NBCNews- Fans howling over taking down World Cup Twitter posts for copyright issues Author: Francis.Whittaker Summary: A video of a seven-year old English football fan celebrating goal in front of the TV was taken down for copyright infringement. Jim Killock, executive director of the London-based digital rights campaigners Open Rights Group, said Alex's clip was a fair use of copyrighted material. “It’s clear fair dealing,” he said. “It’s absurd to remove something like that. What's more, it’s really damaging to football,"Killock said. "The idea that you’re going to censor people being enthusiastic about football in the interests of football, it ought to be obvious to anyone that that's just nonsense." Topics: Data protection Copyright

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