ORG Volunteers Meeting 13 June 06 Copy Writing

To plan for generating text for the ORG website - various different things from facts about ORG to position papers to press packs. Suw put together a small team to draft these articles, they meet initially at the Ship Tavern in Holborn on the 13th June


  • Suw Charman
  • Ian Brown
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Tim Cowlishaw
  • Michael Holloway

Suw's notes

Suw has a first draft of a plan for the development of the ORG website, based on converations with Adam Giles.

The front page of the site should not be the blog, but should clearly explain what ORG does and what it is.

We should look at other NGO site and see what works best, and do a wireframe so we get a better feel for content requirements (Tim?)

In terms of process, Glyn is happy to research, Michael to draft, perhaps Mark Levitt or Kevin Marks could edit (neither were present but both have offered to help), then Suw or Kevin can approve and Glyn or Michael post to the site.

This process could be facilitated by opening it up on the wiki.

The priority for content to be written is the material about ORG, pages such as:

  • what is ORG
  • what does ORG do
  • what are digital rights
  • support ORG (existing page to be rewritten?)
  • recent ORG activity
  • about
  • our patron, Neil Gaiman (draft exists)
  • our board members, including short bios
  • our advisory council members, including short bios

Other types of content that we should prepare once the above is done.

Press area content

Including press briefing packs on specific issues which should be factual, outline the issue, detail the problem, possibly with a suggested solution or preferred outcome. It should contain supporting references and give details of ORG friendly experts that the journalist can contact, with contact details.

Position papers

ORG's position on specific issues. Need to work out a template and pass each one before the advisory council.

Briefings on allied organisations

Short pieces on organisations working in the digital rights space. Should be just a few paras description and contact details. Should get them signed off by the organisation involved before we post.

MP briefings

Details of each MP, and how they stand on digital rights information.

  • need to find out what information is already publicly available, and see what we can collate. May be able to work with MySociety on this, perhaps find a source for bios, the way they vote, APGs and committees etc. they are on, commercial interests, etc. (Glyn?)
  • also need to look at ways to visualise this sort of data, e.g. graphical representation of friendly they are on given issues, etc.

(Tim? Kevin Marks?)

Blog roll

what UK-based blogs are writing about digital rights? (Michael to compile)


Need to come up with templates for the briefings, position papers etc. Probably easier to try to put together one or two and derive a template from that. Worth looking at some FIPR policy papers to see what they do.