ORG Volunteer Meeting Wednesday 9 August 06

  • Suw Charman
  • Michael Holloway
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Adam McGreggor
  • David Mytton (Olate on IRC)
  • Jonathan Baker-Bates
  • Tim Cowlishaw
  • lemon
  • Howard Burdett

Term extension website design

Jonathan Baker Bates has led on realising our plans, particularly with regard to committing a team of creatives to work pro bono on the full-scale site. He also found a designer for the interim site, who produced a rough draft (URL below) based on the wireframe. Unfortunately Jonathan will be out of touch for the next 2 weeks so others must drive from here.

  • Rough draft comments:
    • Colours need improvement. Not the ORG colours, necessarily. Given designers enjoy ‘branding’, free reign to come with new logo (tho also state something like ‘ORG project’)
    • ORG logo missing (maybe put at bottom in small, subtle form)
    • Reduce prominence of News panel
    • Get rid of the ‘for lawyers’ bit
  • JBB to enquire when designer can do revisions. Pro bono if possible, but paid if necessary.
  • Chris Waigl agrees to turn design into CSS for WordPress, which will take a weekend plus tweaking time.

Term extension website content / tone

Artists and the public will lose out because powerful industry lobbies want to extend the term of copyright on sound recording.
JBB’s high-street survey suggested that hurting artist’s pockets is not going to bring people in. Suw agrees, the tone should instead be

  • ‘You won’t be able to listen to obscure music’
  • ‘You won’t be able to do mashups’
  • ‘The law is hurting your musical / cultural interests’
    • Use technical and legal terms sparsely
    • David Goodman to work on content over the weekend. MH to also rope in Tim Cowlishaw and Howard Burdett, with direction from Suw
    • Glyn Wintle to research hard-hitting statistics to ground our arguments.

Term extension url

  • (hosted on a subdirectory of

Term extension Petition

  • Lemon has almost sorted this, although there will be some work to integrate with wordpress
  • Should integrate a function that displays names of last 5 folks to sign up, will encourage others to commit.

Geek In The Park

  • Event in Leamington Spa.
  • Ask ‘discuss’ for volunteers available to attend and promote on our behalf
  • Also a London event worth investigating.

Who needs access to what parts of Clueless?

  • Work held up because not all have access currently
  • Wiki page for those requiring access to sign up to.

Supporter database

  • James Cronin to ‘dump’ database on Suw and Michael.
  • Tech work needed; Suw to ask Sam Smith