ORG Volunteer Meeting Wednesday 7 March 07


  • In person: Michael Holloway, Becky Hogge, Sheila Thomson, Adam McGreggor, Owen Blacker, Chad, Glyn
  • IRC: Kevin Marks

'Core values'

  • 10-minute brainstorm to record the values that motivate and concern our volunteers
    • Liberty for the internet, Openness, Rights, Individualism, Transparency in Government, Privacy, Integrity (personal, not data), Creativity, Humanity, Dignity, 'Hands-off government', Freedom to do what you want without someone preventing, Anti-monopoly, Pro tech in the rights places, Freedom of speech / expression / ideas, Meritocracy, Anti-monopoly, Sharing


  • Google-maps hack > purpose is to present data in useful format e.g. what vendors are working in which pilot areas? what kind of technology / methods are used in a particular pilot? who's volunteered? - Allocated to Glyn
  • Breakdown of different technologies in different constituencies - Becky to send to Glyn

DRM paper

  • See discuss list for record of work to date.
  • Useful discussion as to method / process for collaboration drafting.
  • Glyn: a technical case will fall on deaf ears i.e. these are businessmen so better to emphasise economic / financial aspects

Gowers Recommendations tracker and comments system

  • Adam will try and get the 'Django Book' running on our server.

'Information Assurance' inquiry - deadline March 13th

  • Given the document for comment is inhospitable, Becky to do this (with possible input from Sheila)

Delicious links on ORG blog

  • How to increase productivity?
    • Becky to issue guidelines for subsmissions (on wiki and onto org-discuss)
    • Asked Kevin Marks to contribute; did we also give him password to moderate?

Next meeting

  • We'll hold V meetings at monthly intervals in future; next will be April 4th