ORG Volunteer Meeting Wednesday 4 April 07

Pls indicate below if you intend to join us

  • Michael Holloway
  • Becky Hogge
  • Adam McGreggor
  • Chris Adams
  • Jason Kitcat
  • Felix Cohen (provisionally)
  • Sheila Thomson
  • Alistair Alexander


Support ORG Party

  • Door / raffle / T-Shirt / party-bag assistance: Glyn, Sheila and Chris
    • Michael will email today with instructions as to protocol for taking new membership details, taking money for the raffle, handing out party bags and ordering T-Shirts. Pls review and suggest improvements.

Gowers Commenting system + recommendation tracker

  • Both Adam and Sheila have made efforts, but lack of documentation make this a very hard task.
  • New approach: can we use the JotSpot tool (that Lessig used for Code v2)?
    • Who is actioning this? Adam, Sheila? (Let's push to get something up this month, as Patent Office consultation is approaching)

Delicious links on ORG blog

  • Agreement that Delicious links to do not enhance the blog so will be scrapped in future
  • Deferred decision as to where else we can showcase links, and also tighter control of
  • Different views as to optimal posting frequency, although consensus that we need to run a tighter ship

May 3rd ('D-Day')

  • Felix and Chris volunteer for Stratford (nb. Felix yet to confirm pledgebank signup)
  • Alistair signs up for Denham (AKA South Bucks) (nb. Alistair yet to confirm pledgebank signup)


Glyn and Michael to update wiki and encourage contributions to the following consultations:

  • Tom Steinberg's Cabinet Office-sponsored 'Public Information Review'
  • Home Office consultation on implementation of EC Data retention Directive
    • Owen was planning on doing some work on this
  • Extension of DCA's Freedom Of Information Act consultation