ORG Volunteer Meeting Thursday 7 June 07

Usual time, unusual place - 1830 at ORG HQ, 7th floor, 100 Grays Inn Road, WC1X 8TY

Who's coming?

  • Becky
  • Michael
  • Sheila
  •  ?Adam
  • Glyn
  • Chris Adams


Wordpress comments system

Sheila agrees to have it ready by next Monday for beta testing. Plan to public launch in June Supporters Update (along with general website overhaul). All agree it looks splendid and very excited to have it running.

June 20th volunteers

  • Sheila agrees to work the door (waiting on response from Felix to do the same)
  • Tim's editing task. Concerns re encoding: MH to ask Glyn and Gerry Grainger and James Cronin to keep an eye out and make sure he's got tech-support.

Copy for site overhaul

Only Chris available to write; MH to follow-up with others


  • No python coders or testers in the room: MH to follow-up with Francis Irving / James Casbon and cast a wider net


MH to collect flyers from printers; no-one fancies distribution

  • No-one wants to help out on the night: MH to see if Hannah / Felix wanna help

Setting up ORG's office computers

Becky to talk it thru with Adam McGreggor