ORG Volunteer Meeting Thursday 20 Apr 06

Time: 6pm
Location: Venda, 101 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4AZ
We have the downstairs meeting room booked, ask at reception for James Cronin.

Actual Attendees

  • Suw Charman
  • Adam Giles
  • Lemon
  • Chris Waigl
  • Michael Holloway
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Sam Smith
  • Tom Croucher
  • Tim Cowlishaw
  • Adam McGreggor

Suw's notes

Office Space

ORG is still without office space, primarily because we have had other priorities than to look for it. Suw and Michael are going to look into this further, but if anyone has any ideas, we are looking for:

A space which is not based on number of desks, has room for two people, has access to meeting rooms, and includes wifi and access to printers, phone etc. I usually work 2.5 or so days per week, but at random times. Sometimes Michael will be there with me, sometimes other people. A per desk solution is not ideal.


Tom and Glyn have been looking into venues. Limehouse looks like a nice venue, but is in Docklands and not very good for people travelling from the west.

Suw is willing to put down a couple of hundred quid for a room in a pub so Tom and Glyn are going to check pubs such as the Red Lion, the Savoy Tup, The Polar Bear, and Cyberia (sp) on Tottenham Court Road. Apparently the barmaid at the Chandos knows all the Sam Smith's managers.

The next Copyfighter's Drunken Brunch will be held at a pub nearby, rather than be a picnic again - it's not viable for Suw to carry significant amounts of Cava, water, and orange juice across London.

Press Tracking

Has been started by Chris Foster, and Glyn has also added a lot to the wiki.


Adam has offered to project manage all of the tech issues. He has set up a wiki for those involved with tech to collaborate on what needs to be done, when, how, and who by. He will also co-ordinate passwords and server access.

Current issues being discussed there, and on the invite-only ORG-tech list:

  • sysadmin
  • backup
  • wordpress
    • mailman sign up forms
    • new theme
    • upgrading to v. 2.0
    • Glyn needs de-spamming capabilities
  • MySociety volunteer task database
  • Mailmain admin
  • Wiki
    • anti-spam measures
    • logo
  • Supporter database development

If you want to help, contact Adam Giles.

Format for next meeting

Next month, we should try to do the updates via the wiki, a week before the meeting, so that we spend the meeting actually talking about what we need to do, not updating each other on what we've done.


(i.e. notes from last time...)


  • find office space possibilities - MICHAEL
  • venue for events - TOM


  • add the 'sign up to announce' and 'sign up to discuss' to blog - GLYN (Suw needs to talk to the ORG WP guru first)
  • find someone who can change the database (perl?) - TOM, STEVE (Suw to put in touch with existing ORG techies) Suw has emailed ORG techies about how best to do this.
  • code a database to email fix (perl?) - TOM, STEVE (see above) Suw has emailed ORG techies about how best to do this.
  • install volunteer task tracking database from MySociety - OLATE, STEVE (see above) Suw has emailed ORG techies and MySociety about how best to do this.
  • tom is going to look at 37Signals as a possible CRM solution. TOM


  • blog spam tidying - GLYN (Suw to give Glyn access, once server move complete)
  • WP theme - GLYN


  • track ORG mentions in news - CHRIS, MICHAEL
  • track issues progress in news - will thrash out on wiki ALL
  • wiki spam banning - GLYN (has already contacted Suw with info; Suw to put in touch with ORG techies)
  • digital rights news links - TOM
  • weekly update encouragement on the front page of the wiki - TIM
  • tidy up the front page - TIM
  • calendar of upcoming events - TOM

Designy stuff

  • stickers - TIM (Suw to contact designer first)
  • cut logos up - TIM (Suw has emailed EPS)
  • kite (like Make Poverty History) - TIM (Suw to contact designer first)
  • t-shirts - TIM (see above)
  • style guide, press pack, logo - TIM, MARK, TOM
  • events ideas page - TOM
    • Seminar for IP lawyers/students, free culture - TIM
    • FFII stuff on patents - GAVIN

Corporate fundraising

  • Rodolfo (Suw has introduced to Louise Ferguson, ORG Chair)

Intended attendees

  • Suw Charman
  • James Cronin
  • Tim Cowlishaw
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Tom Croucher (probably late I have a job interview)
  • Chris Waigl (wants to become a volunteer, provided I manage to stay in London/UK at all)
  • Seán Jones (Bah! Working late and have to cancel. Keen to volunteer though)
  • Steve Thompson (may be late as travelling from outside London)
  • Adam Giles
  • Sam Smith (maybe)
  • David Mytton on IRC (Olate)
  • Adam McGreggor (Expecting to be on-time!)
  • Lemon (expecting shonky excuse from British Flail)