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2012-12-28 -TorrentFreak - Copyright Vultures Circle As Court Green-Lights Anti-Piracy Scheme
Author: enigmax
2012-12-27 - BBC News - Golden Eye porn producer seeks to widen piracy blitz
2012-12-21 - Independent - Filth and fury: David Cameron’s U-turn on online porn
Author: Jerome Taylor
2012-12-21 - ISPReview - UK Court Allows Golden Eye’s Appeal for More O2 Internet Piracy Letters
Author: Mark Jackson
2012-12-21 - TechWeekEurope - Government Announces ‘Common Sense’ Copyright Law Reform
Author: Tom Brewster
2012-12-21 - Metro - Copying CDs to iPods to become legal under copyright law shake-up
Author: Hayden Smith
2012-12-20 - TechWeekEurope - Cameron’s Christmas Cock-up On Porn Blocking
Author: Tom Brewster
2012-12-20 - IT Pro - Confusion reigns over Government porn blocking plans
Author: Rene Millman
2012-12-14 - TechWeekEurope - Government Rejects Porn Blocking By Default But Demands More From ISPs
Author: Tom Brewster
2012-12-12 - TechWeekEurope - Jimmy Wales: Theresa May Blanked Me On Snooper’s Charter Protests
Author: Tom Brewster
2012-12-12 - V3 - MPs savage Home Office's snooping charter
Author: Gareth Morgan
2012-12-12 - Information Age - Comms Data Bill "cannot proceed", says Clegg
2012-12-11 - Computer Active - Nick Clegg vows to block progress of 'snooper's charter'
Author: Dinah Greek
2012-12-11 - CBR Online BPI to sue Pirate Party UK over Pirate Bay proxy service
2012-12-10 - TechWeek Europe - Pirate Party UK To Be Sued By Music Copyright Holders
Author: Max Smolaks
2012-12-10 - Computer Active - ORG faces Golden Eye in court battle to protect names of O2 and Be customers
Author: Dinah Greek
2012-12-07 - TechEye - Richard O'Dwyer welcomes end of extradition case
Author: Matthew Finnegan
2012-12-07 - Daily Mail -Four in 10 parents say their children have been exposed to internet porn
Author: Daniel Martin
2012-12-06 - TechRadar - BPI lifts ban on legal Pirate Bay site
Author: Kate Solomon
2012-12-06 - Silicon Angle - Pirate Bay-Backed Promo Bay Block Has Been Lifted
Author: Melisa Tolentino
2012-12-06 - Digital Spy - BPI ban on legal Pirate Bay site lifted
IMDB NEWS- BPI ban on legal Pirate Bay site lifted
Author: Mark Langshaw
2012-12-06 - PCPro - ISPs "should publish list of blocked sites"
Author: Stewart Mitchell
Summary: ORG call reported
2012-12-06 - TechWeekEurope - Facebook: EU’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Will Enforce More User Tracking
Author: Tom Brewster
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-12-06 - The Inquirer - Promobay block dropped by BPI
Author: Dave Neal
Summary: Jim Killock quoted; BPI letter to ORG quoted
2012-12-05 - TorrentFreak - UK ISPs Unblock Pirate Bay’s Artist Promos After Protests
Author: Ernesto
Summary: quotes letter sent to ORG by BPI
2012-12-05 - BBC News - Pirate Bay spin-off site Promo Bay to be unblocked
Author: Dave Lee, BBC News
Summary: quotes letter sent to ORG by BPI
2012-12-04 - TechWeekEurope - EU Resists ‘Extreme’ US Lobbying As Data Privacy War Brews
Author: Tom Brewster
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-12-04 - TechWeekEurope - O2 Warns Customers It Handed Their Details To Porno Pusher Ben Dover
Author: Max Smolaks
Summary: ORG mentioned for opposing NPO
2012-12-04 - - ORG concerned at blocking of The Promo Bay
Author: Paul France
Summary: ORG's position on outlined
2012-12-03 - Information Age - Paedos and terrorists oppose Comms Data Bill – May
Summary: ORG quoted
2012-12-03 -TechWeekEurope - UK ISPs Block Access To ‘Legal’ Pirate Bay Promo Bay Project
Author: Max Smolaks
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-12-03 - BPI court order sees legal Pirate Bay site blocked by some ISPs
Author: Kate Solomon
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-12-03 - BizTechReport - Government stands alone against EU data protection regulation
Author: Hugo Coelho
Summary: ORG account of Advisory meeting recounted
2012-12-03 - InfoSecurity - Business disagrees with government on EU Data Protection Regulation
Summary: ORG account of Advisory meeting recounted
2012-12-02 - RT - Web Word Wars: Twitter posts provoke prosecutions in UK
Presenter: Polly Boiko
Summary: Jim Killock interviewed


2012-11-30 TruthLoader - Does the ITU threaten freedom of speech on the Internet?
Presenter: Phil Harper
Summary: Jim Killock interviewed
2012-11-30 - BBC News - Leveson: Where does it leave the internet?
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-29 - VRZone - Piracy website Newzbin2 shuts down
Author: Dean Wilson
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-29 - TechRadar -Newzbin2 folds after court-ordered ISP block in the UK
Author: Kate Solomon
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-29 TechWeekEurope - Newzbin Dies A Miserable Death
Author: Tom Brewster
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-29 BBC News - Piracy site Newzbin2 gives up and closes 15 months after block
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-28 - Azadliq Radiosu - Şəxsi sirlərin müdafiəçiləri Facebook-u öz qərarını dəyişməyə çağırırlar
Author: Zülfüqar Rüfətoğlu (London)
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-28 - Marketing Week - Regulator forces Facebook to change data policy
Author: Lara O'Reilly
Summary: ORG position outlined
2012-11-28 - TechWeekEurope - TVShack Creator Richard O’Dwyer Avoids Extradition To US
Author: Tom Brewster
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-28 - - Exclusive: Tech firms and rights groups set for first advisory meeting on EC data protection proposals
Author: Rosalie Marshall
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-28 - Metro - Facebook in new battle with privacy groups over data sharing plan
Author: Sam Smith
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-11-28 - TechRadar - Facebook user voting changes at odds with privacy groups
Author: Matt Swider
Summary: ORG's position quoted at length
2012-11-27 - BBC News- Privacy groups call for Facebook changes U-turn
2012-11-27 TechWeekEurope - Facebook Privacy Proposals Face Backlash
2012-11-27 - Recombu - Internet piracy prosecutions: ORG challenges O2 Golden Eye porn sharing claims
2012-11-27 - ComputerActive - ORG to face porn distributor Golden Eye in appeals court
2012-11-23 - TorrentFreak - “Poor” BitTorrent Copyright Troll Appeals For Cash To Fight Opponents
2012-11-26 - Computerworld UK - Open Rights Group To Intervene in Speculative Invoicing Case
Author Simon Phipps
2012-11-21 - XBIZ - Plea for Funds to Defend Porn Pirates Doesn't Sit Well for Golden Eye
2012-11-19 Open Rights Group applies to face Golden Eye in Court of Appeal
2012-11-19 UK government is going headlong for internet filtering
2012-11-16 - ISPReview - ORG Intervenes to Stop More O2 UK Internet Piracy Settlement Letters
2012-11-16 - BBC News - Help wanted on O2 porn piracy cases
Summary: ORG request for funds to intervene in the Golden Eye case.
2012-11-15 - TorrentFreak - Open Rights Group Applies To Defend Citizens Against Copyright Trolls
2012-11-02 PCPro - Where next for the "snoopers' charter"?
2012-11-02 Global Voices - Netizen Report: Cyber-Police Edition


2012-10-23 - BBC News - More piracy sites faced with blocking as BPI contacts UK ISPs
Author: Dave Lee
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-10-17 - Out-Law - 'No cutting off people's internet based on secret evidence'
Summary: Peter Bradwell quoted.
2012-10-12 - BBC News - Harvey Weinstein attacks 'free internet'
Summary: Jim Killock quoted


2012-09-10 - BBC News - YouTube under new pressure over anti-Muslim film
Summary: Jim Killock quoted
2012-09-06 - The Verge - Jimmy Wales says Wikipedia would use encryption to skirt UK data collection bill
Summary: Jim Killock's CDB enquiry evidence quoted.


2012-07-25 - Inquirer - Open Rights Group is rallying WiFi providers against DEA
Author: Dave Neal
2012-07-04 - Telegraph - European Parliament rejects ACTA piracy treaty
Author: Matt Warman
Summary: Quotes both Jim Killock and Peter Bradwell.


2012-06-26 - Telegraph - Ofcom presses ahead with Digital Economy Act piracy crackdown
Author: Christopher Williams
Summary: Jim Killock quoted (via press release)
2012-06-21 - BBC - European trade committee votes to reject piracy treaty
Summary "Responding to the vote Peter Bradwell, a campaigner with the Open Rights Group, said: "MEPs have listened to the many, many thousands of people across Europe who have consistently demanded that this flawed treaty is kicked out. [...]"
2012-06-14 - Wired UK - Draft of email-snooping 'Communications Data Bill' published online
Author: Mark Brown


2012-05-25 - Wired UK - Daily Mail defends anti-porn crusade at Google's Big Tent
2012-05-18 - TechRadar - Mobile madness as wrong sites censored by telecoms providers
2012-05-18 - TechRadar - ISPs are filtering more than porn
2012-05-18 - TechWeekEurope - O2 Blocks BNP Website As ‘Hate Site’O2 Blocks BNP Website As ‘Hate Site’
2012-05-15 - BBC News - ORG: Mobile filters censor innocent content
2012-05-15 - Wired UK - Open Rights Group highlights overzealous mobile content filters
Author: Duncan Geere
2012-05-14 - Telegraph - Mobile networks block church and 'BBC bias' websites
Author: Christopher Williams
2012-05-14 - TechRadar - Now you'll have to ask TalkTalk to turn your porn on
2012-05-11 - The Guardian - Internet porn: Cameron plan for default block 'unrealistic', say experts
Author: Lizzy Davies
Summary: "Jim Killock, of the civil liberties organisation Open Rights Group, said that a network-level block could lead to a phenomenon known as the Streisand effect, whereby trying to suppress something online actually leads to greater publicity."
2012-05-09 - Out-Law - Home Office promises 'strict safeguards' over privacy for new laws governing communications data monitoring
2012-05-09 - ISP Review - Queens Speech Confirms Expansion of UK CCDP Internet Snooping Law
Author: Mark Jackson
2012-05-09 - Sky News - 'Snooper's Charter' Proposals Are Unveiled
Author: Katie Stallard
2012-05-04 - Computer World UK - Transparency DCMS style
Author: James Firth
2012-05-04 - The Times - (article on porn blocking)
2012-05-04 - The Guardian - Pornography online: David Cameron to consider 'opt in' plan
Author: Josh Halliday
Summary: quotes Jim Killock
2012-05-01 - TIME - British Court Orders ISPs to Block Pirate Bay — Is the U.S. Next?
Author Matt Peckham
Summary Jim Killock quoted


2012-04-30 - Daily Mail - Judges show we CAN put a block on online porn as they order internet providers to block illegal file sharing site
Author: Daniel Martin
Summary: Jim Killock quoted.
2012-04-30 - BBC News - The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules
Summary Jim Killock quoted.


2012-02-20 - Wired UK - Coalition revives anti-terror web spying plans
Author: Duncan Geere