Nigel Evans MP

Nigel Evans MP for Ribble Valley. Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party. First entered parliament in 1992. He has a BA (Hons) in Politics. Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Identity Fraud. Vice Chair All Party Music Group. Shadow secretary of state for Wales. Nigel is a member of the all party groups dealing with music, tourism, manufacturing, drugs misuse and space group. His interests also cover small businesses, defence, agriculture, telecommunications and IT. He also lead the Party's Information Technology for the Future group.


Electronic Voting

House of Commons debate Local Government and Planning 20 October 2006

I would not argue, even at this stage, that we should introduce online voting in local authority and general elections. My biggest concern about referendums being carried out online is fraud. The public must have confidence in the voting method that they use, and until internet voting is improved, we have reservations about it.



2006-10-23 - eGov Monitor - It’s time to work together to beat the identity fraudsters
Author: By Nigel Evans MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Identity Fraud
Summary: Identity Fraud is hurting citizens and businesses in UK and have already cost us £1.7 bn says Nigel Evans MP who highlights how public and private sector have to work together to combat this growing crime.
2005-12-22 - BBC - Christmas ID theft warning by MPs
Summary: Nigel Evans, Conservative chair of the all-party group on identity fraud, said the public should not make their ID "a gift for criminals this Christmas".
2005-11-24 - The Register - Spare our blushes, put more cash into space
Author: Lucy Sherriff
Summary: Britain spends £200m annually on its involvement in space exploration, the BBC reports, compared to £1.9bn spent by France. Even India spends twice as much as does Britain, according to Conservative MP Nigel Evans.
2005-02-11 - The Register - MPs heading for electoral online disaster
Author: Kieren McCarthy
Summary: Under Electoral Commission guidelines, once Parliament is dissolved for the election - expected 5 May - they lose the right to call themselves MPs. As the Commission may clear in the last election in 2001, this also applies online, so the individual standing for election is not entitled to misrepresent themselves as an MP. That in itself is not too difficult to deal with - you only need remove any suggestion that they remain MPs. However, it is a bigger issue with domain names that incorporate the "MP" suffix. And there are now nearly 100 MPs that have personal websites that include the initials "MP". (Nigel Evans)
2002-10-17 - The Register - UK firm touts alternative to digital certs
Author: John Leyden
Summary: Two factor authentication, using secure tokens is being backed as an alternative to digital certificates by a UK company, which is enjoying support from the Parliamentary All Party Export Group. ... Nobody's heard of Quizid before but the firm does have friends in the corridors of power. They persuaded the Labour chairman of the Commons Export Committee, Ken Peckham MP, to wax lyrical about its export potential. Not to be outdone, his Tory counterpart Nigel Evans also described it as a potential world beater.
2001-05-31 - The Register - The Internet MP list of shame
Author: Kieren McCarthy
Summary: Following on from the story yesterday about MPs being forced to remove their Web sites as their have "mp" in their title (because they're not MPs at the moment due to the election), we have compiled a list of shame for those politicians that are flagrantly flaunting election rules. - Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley, Lancashire). Note the simple Nigel MP URL. Remember: "Vote Nigel".