Menzies Campbell MP

Sir Menzies Campbell Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife.



2007-09-16 - BBC News - Labour 'tramples on human rights'
Author: Justin Parkinson
Summary: Sir Menzies Campbell has kicked off the Liberal Democrat annual conference with an attack on the government's human rights record. ... The Lib Dems are promoting their opposition to government policies including introducing identity cards and increasing the length of detention without trial for some terror suspects.
2007-08-21 - The Independent - Liberal Democrats launch attack on Brown's 'surveillance society'
Author: Colin Brown
Summary: Liberal Democrat leaders are to mount an attack on Britain's "surveillance society" that threatens to wreck Gordon Brown's hopes of a cross-party consensus on measures to tackle the threat of terrorism. In a strategic break with the Prime Minister, Sir Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrat leader, and his home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg will launch their offensive at their party conference next month. ... Liberal Democrat leaders say Britain is one of the most spied-on nations in the world and will use the conference to launch a campaign to roll back legislation they claim has gone too far. It includes the Identity Cards Act 2006, the creation of a national identity register and proposals for wide ranging data-sharing powers across Whitehall departments.
2007-05-29 - Liberal Democrat - Half of all black men on DNA database in three years time
Author: Menzies Campbell MP
Summary: Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell today raised concerns over the fact that over half of all British black men will soon have their information held on the DNA database. Menzies Campbell said the Government’s insistence on keeping people's records on a DNA database when they are not charged for an offence could seriously affect community relations. By 2010 over half of all British black men will find their information held on the database. Menzies Campbell said: "There is absolutely no justification for keeping the DNA record of anyone who is not charged with an offence." "This arbitrary method of collecting DNA will alienate minority groups who already feel unjustly targeted." "There is also a real risk that the DNA database could be misused." "With growing concern about racial profiling and disproportionality in criminal investigations, the need to keep innocent people on the DNA database is highly questionable and could damage community relations."