Mark Pritchard MP


Conservative MP for the Wrecking (since 2005). Secretary of 1922 Committee. Chairman of Parliamentary Cyber Security Group. Member of National Security Strategy Group. Member of EURIM.


Voted against ID cards. [1] Fears the rise of identity-related crime online. [2]

Identity cards

Signed Early Day Motion 263 Identity Cards 06 June 2005

That this House believes that a convincing case for the introduction of compulsory biometric identity cards and a national database has not been made, that the risks involved far outweigh any discernible benefit, that the introduction of identity cards will fundamentally change the relationship between the citizen and the state, diminish personal privacy and threaten civil liberties, that the present proposals do not provide properly costed, proportionate or effective solutions to the problems they are claimed to solve; and calls upon the Government to shelve plans for their introduction.

Internet in Belarus

"I wish to touch on media freedoms, which are linked to the elections. It is disappointing for all Belarus-watchers, and a retrograde step, that the Belarus Government recently tightened media freedoms, including the use of the internet, by introducing a new law on the mass media.
It is not acceptable that journalists and internet editors are being fined and harassed and having their technical equipment confiscated. Internet sites such as are not enemies of the Belarusian state—that is a laughable idea. That site is run by Belarusians for Belarusians, and all love their country to a man and woman. I do not subscribe to the view expressed by some that parts of Belarus lack self-confidence or aspiration. Those attributes are imbued in the Belarusian psyche. Freedom of the press is not an optional democratic bolt-on but a key and fundamental freedom." [3]

Cyber Suicide

"Cyber suicide and other users goading self-harm is a growing problem. The government and internet service providers (ISPs) need to work far more closely together to deal with the technological and jurisdictional challenges before the issue becomes even more widespread". [4]

Computer crime

"E-crime is witnessing a sharp rise yet the government is, to date, bereft of any strategic policy to address the problem. It is gaping hole in the side of UK plc and many homes". [5]
"Would Her Majesty's Government consider strengthening domestic laws to ensure that penalties are severe enough to act as a deterrent for all those caught and convicted of cyber crime?" [6]

Prior Career

Marketing communications.


Educated in Hereford, Surrey, and London (LGU).


Strong animal rights activist. Voted to ban animals in circuses in 2010. Self-described eurosceptic. Has strongly supported broadband for Somerset. [7]

Contact Information

Mark Pritchard MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA;; 01952 256080.




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