Lord McNally

Lord McNally Liberal Democrat Peer. Entered the Lords in 1995. Minister of State for Justice since May 2010.



"[I]n a free society there should be a limit to what the government knows about its people. And now, the capacity of the state to do that is almost limitless."[1]

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2000-09-20 - The Guardian - Email spy law 'costly and undemocratic'
Author: Sarah Hall
Summary: Controversial new laws allowing the government to "spy" on emails were not only a severe threat to human rights and civil liberties but would undermine Britain's hopes of being a leading centre for e-commerce, the Liberal Democrats heard yesterday. ... Lord McNally said: "I used to believe Jack Straw was a civil libertarian. I now believe we're playing with an authoritarian and illiberal home secretary. We have got to find a way of bringing these new technologies within democratic control because beyond that is anarchy, we have got to make sure that these government authorities are truly accountable."