"Founded in 1934, Liberty is a membership organization at the heart of the movement for fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK.​"

Liberty (or National Council for Civil Liberties) was by Ronald Kidd and Sylvia Crowther-Smith. Liberty campaigns to protect civil liberties and promote human rights - through the courts, in Parliament and the wider community.

Liberty practices a combination of public, test case litigation, parliamentary lobbying, policy analysis and the provision of free advice and information. With an aim not only to protect civil liberties but also to engender a 'rights culture' within British society.


Liberty is currently divided into three organisations

  • Liberty - an unincorporated association democratically-run membership association, which people can join.
  • Liberty - the company, a non-profit company that employs staff and runs campaigns.
  • The Civil Liberties Trust - a registered charity independent of Liberty, has no staff but commissions Liberty to conduct charitable work.