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Identity Cards

Very strongly against. Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2007 backed a measure that called for the immediate repeal of the Identity Cards Act 2006 Liberal Democrat Campaign against ID cards Fully supports no2id renew for freedom campaign.

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

Before he retired, Richard Allan, the party's IT spokesman was very vocal about the Act.

Current policy ....

Lord Phillips of Sudbury, House of Lords spoke at Scrambling for Safety 8

Computer Misuse Act

In the parliament committee stage after the second reading Lynne Featherstone MP (Hornsey and Wood Green), prevented it from being made even worse.

Internet Censorship

Intellectual Property

According to Catherine Bearder, "In principle, Lib Dems support the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the fight against counterfeiting – in particular when it comes to dangerous counterfeit medicines, electronics and toys." [1]

Data Retention

The Liberal Democrats' European justice spokeswoman Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP spoke out "Data retention rules still lack real justification"

Children's Digital Rights

When asked about schools fingerprinting our children: "I was very concerned to read of the issues you raise about the introduction of the Junior Librarian Scheme at St Matthew's school and share your worries about the introduction of the scheme without informed parental consent being requested beforehand." David Howarth, MP for Cambridge

DNA database

Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2007 backed a measure that called for the destruction of all DNA samples taken from those not charged or convicted of an offence

Lynne Featherstone MP (Hornsey and Wood Green) (Yes the same one who helped on the Computer Misuse Act)

  • "This is an intolerable infringement of liberty and personal privacy."
  • "There is no purpose or justification for keeping the DNA record of anyone who is not charged with an offence."
  • "We cannot be absolutely certain that there will be no misuse of the DNA database. There are no real safeguards to control it."
  • "With the growing concern about racial profiling and disproportionality in criminal investigations, the need to keep innocent people on the DNA database is questionable."

From a press release dated 4th January 2006.

Lynne Featherstone MP May 7 2006 ... the answer I got to a Parliamentary Question on what percentage of innocent DNA comes from black and ethnic minorities. It's about 24% nationwide - but the figure that no one is picking up on yet - is that in London this kicks up to 57% of innocent DNA is coming from non-whites. It's huge – way, way above their actual representation in the population as a whole.


Software Patents

The Liberal Democrat MEPs ignored their own parties polices and voted for Software Patents in the first round of voting.


One Liberal Democratic MEP, Bill Newton Dunn voted for ACTA, the only British MEP to do so. Other Liberal MEPs voted against ACTA.

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Rob Fenwick Formerly of the Liberal Democrat national campaigns department, I’m still involved in politics, though much less than I used to be as the organisation I work for is staunchly politically neutral. Mainly I just do web stuff now, and in principle I’m happy to do that for any political party that respects the democratic process. I’m also a part time researcher for a Lib Dem peer.