Lee Scott MP

Digital Economy Bill

Has been contacted by at least one ORG supporter.

Wed 17th Mar, 2010

Fil - Lee responded to my email in under 1.5hrs, saying:

 sorry with [Labour's] numbers if [Lord Mandelson] wants to push it through there is no way of stopping him but if we win we can bring it back

Fri 19th Feb, 2010

Mira - 10 minutes at a surgery; gave him hard copies of the letter to Lord Puttnam from JISC, UCISA, JANET, RLUK etc, as well as ORG's briefing to MPs, a copy of my original letter, and the exec summary from the Human Rights Joint Committee Fifth Report, Legislative Scrutiny: Digital Economy Bill.

Lee Scott:

  • didn't expect that the bill would come up before the election but (in the knowledge that I was part of the Open Rights Group) encouraged me to to get back in touch if and when it did and he'd be happy to work with me on it.
  • appreciated the difference between an account-holder and somebody who uses that account for illicit purposes.
  • appreciated that disconnection is a potentially devastating measure
  • took particular note that the proposed measures considered didn't include a fine.
  • is opposed to anybody in the role of Secretary of State having secondary law-making powers.