Keysigning party at OpenTech 2008

When and Where:
UKUUG OpenTech 2008, 7:45pm in the Main Room.
Keysigning party. PGP, CACert, and Thawte web of trust all welcome.

What's it all about?

For a more in-depth explanation, see our page on Keysigning parties.

What to bring with you

  • Your public key ID and fingerprint, ideally on bits of paper you can hand out to people
  • Feel free to put your key details at the bottom of this page so people can print them out and just ask you to confirm them, thus saving on time and paper.
  • Some form of Identity.
  • For CACert Assurance. Join CACert and bring two forms of Photo ID (ideally Drivers Licence and Passport) with your WoT form.
  • For Thawte Notarisation: Join their Web of Trust , bring two forms of government-issued Photo ID with your form and a copy of the IDs.
  • Something to write with and on, so you can write down key IDs and fingerprints of people who don't have something to hand out
  • Alternatively create a list using the script found at

What to do

  • Meet people
  • Decide how much you trust their claimed identity
  • Collect the key ID and fingerprint
  • When you get home, download their keys from keyservers, check the fingerprints match, sign, and upload. Unless you know and trust the person well, it's a good idea to confirm their email address and control of the key before stating the highest level of assurance in your signature. This can be done easily with a tool like caff or using the technique described on the Hants LUG website.

People attending

  • Alaric B. Snell-Pym, PGP key 7371086A on

pub 1024D/7371086A 2004-08-20

Fingerprint=306D A79D 37DE 29DE 1781 AA59 460C FF58 7371 086A

uid Alaric Blagrave Snell-Pym <>

  • Danny O'Brien, GnuPG key 9B630D84 on

pub 1024D/9B630D84 2001-02-25

Fingerprint=65CC 839A 6434 C95C 8F85 2B14 BA34 0C12 9B63 0D84

uid Danny O'Brien <>

  • andyjpb PGP (0x7EBA75FF on, CACert

pub 1024D/7EBA75FF 2000-10-30

Fingerprint=0290 DA75 E982 7D99 A51F E46A 387A 7695 7EBA 75FF

uid Andy Bennett <>

  • Hugo Mills. PGP 515C238D; CACert.

pub 1024D/515C238D 2007-09-06

Fingerprint=8C59 86C7 81F3 93FE BB02 DDB1 20AC B3BE 515C 238D

uid Hugo Mills <>

  • Alison Wheeler, GnuPG key 5FEEEE99 on, CACert

pub 1024D/5FEEEE99 2008-07-04

Fingerprint=A6AC FBEB DEE5 9F6B 60DA 1930 EE84 3CB9 5FEE EE99

uid Alison Mary Wheeler (AlisonW London) <>

  • Rosellyne Thompson, GnuPG key A5A6411B on

pub 1024D/A5A6411B 2008-07-04

Fingerprint=7B17 09B2 3041 5FC5 D296 DF19 1217 FFBB A5A6 411B

uid Rosellyne Thompson <>

pub 1024D/DE3F7C7F 2008-04-10

Fingerprint=612B AFA5 1A29 A0A5 1EA1 004F AFB0 4EB2 DE3F 7C7F

uid Spy Blog email April 2008 <>

  • Memetic Engineer

pub 1024D/9E3DA588 2007-02-08

Fingerprint=3B3C 892B 318A 6397 0AF7 41D3 2155 D7FC 9E3D A588

uid - Feb 2007 <>

  • Not the Open Rights Group !

pub 1024D/19C5F90D 2008-05-10

Fingerprint=4F79 4292 72F5 2CC4 773F 2622 6185 DFBC 19C5 F90D

uid Open Rights Group - May 2008 <>

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