Justice (JURI)

Key Personnel

  • Chair: Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP)
  • Vice-Chair: Luigi Berlinguer (S&D)
  • Vice-Chair: Evelyn Regner (S&D)
  • Vice-Chair: Sebastian Valentin Bodu (EPP)


JURI is the committee within the European Parliament which is responsible for legal affairs.


JURI’s responsibilities include “the interpretation and application of European law, compliance of European Union acts with primary law...”; “the interpretation and application of international law, in so far as the European Union is affected”; “the simplification of Community law, in particular legislative proposals for its official codification” and “Community acts which affect the Member States’ legal order, namely in the fields of: (a) civil and commercial law, (b) company law, (c) intellectual property law, (d) procedural law”.

Further Information