John Denham MP

John Denham is the MP (Labour) for Southampton Itchen.

Open Data

In 2013, proposed the Supermarket Pricing Information Bill to oblige supermarkets to make their pricing information available online in an accessible form. Denham suggested that

In tough times, when living standards are falling, shoppers need every help to get the best value for money. My Bill will even up the relationship between supermarkets and the consumer. Supermarkets collect and analyse data on shopping habits to shape their pricing and promotion policies. Yet many consumers are still left shopping around from store to store to get the best deal in much the same way they did decades ago. Consumers will quickly be able to compare the price of their shop to get value for money, the release of this data will put an end to misleading pricing practices and dodgy deals. They will also be able to see where branches of the same supermarket charge significantly different prices.[1]