Joan Walley MP

Joan Walley MP (Labour) MP for Stoke-on-Trent North.

Digital Economy Bill

Constituent User:Avantman42 wrote to her about the Digital Economy Bill, and received the following response:

Dear Mr Phillips
Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the Digital Economy Bill.
As you are aware, a provision in the Digital Economy Bill allows for people who impinge copyright by illegally downloading material to be disconnected from the internet. The most common example of this would be people illegally downloading music. Whilst disconnecting illegal downloaders may seem harsh, it is worth pointing out that if we are to maintain our vibrant music industry musicians must be able to make a living from their music. For this reason, the provision is supported by both UK Music and the Musicians Union.
That said, the Bill is scheduled to have its second reading in the House of Commons on the 6th April and this will give MPs the chance to debate the Bill. It is also worth pointing out that the Bill has already passed through the House of Lords where it was scrutinised in detail. For my part, I will try to attend the second reading debate to make sure that your concerns are heard.
Yours sincerely
Joan Walley MP


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Early Day Motions

Signed Early Day Motion 179 Software in Schools 21 November 2006

That this House congratulates the Open University and other schools, colleges and universities for utilising free and open source software to deliver cost-effective educational benefit not just for their own institutions but also the wider community; and expresses concern that Becta and the Department for Education and Skills, through the use of outdated purchasing frameworks, are effectively denying schools the option of benefiting from both free and open source software and the value and experience small and medium ICT companies could bring to the schools market.