Jenny Willott MP

Jenny Willott MP (Liberal Democrat) for Cardiff Central.

Digital Economy Bill

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2008-07-28 - Liberal Democrats -Home Office allowing private companies access to the DNA database
Author: Jenny Willott
Summary: ... Liberal Democrat MP, Jenny Willott said: "For nearly a decade, the Home Office has been secretly approving controversial research projects using profiles from the DNA database." "No consent was ever sought from the people involved, many of whom have never been charged or convicted of any offence." "It is outrageous that people's DNA has on five occasions been passed to private companies to pursue their own commercial interests." "The 25 projects that have been approved by ministers include some sinister explorations into ethnic profiling." "It is appalling that these Big Brother practices have been allowed to go on unchecked for so long and with extremely limited ethical standards." "Unless the Government comes clean about exactly what they are using profiles for, this highly dubious ethical practice of dishing DNA out for research must be suspended immediately."
2008-07-25 - The Telegraph - Millions of profiles from DNA database passed to private firms
Author: Christopher Hope
Summary: Millions of profiles on the national DNA database have been handed over secretly to private companies without the consent of those involved. Papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that on five occasions since 2004 private firms with police contracts have successfully applied to use the database to help them develop computer programs. ... The companies involved were not given the identities of the people whose DNA profiles they analysed and used them for research that could be useful to the police. But critics said it was unacceptable that profiles had been handed over secretly without any public debate or the consent of those concerned. Jenny Willott, the MP who obtained the information, said: "It is appalling that these Big Brother practices have been allowed to go on unchecked for so long and with extremely limited ethical standards."
2008-06-08 - Liberal Democrats Press Release - 1m innocent people must be removed from the DNA database
Author: Jenny Willott
Summary: Tomorrow in Parliament, the Liberal Democrats will call for all innocent people to have their details removed from the DNA database. Currently, one million people who have not being convicted of any crime have their names on the database. Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Jenny Willott, who is tabling the 10-minute Rule Bill, said: "It is a complete disgrace that one million innocent people are trapped on the DNA database with almost no chance of getting themselves removed." "Innocent citizens have every right to demand that their details are removed, particularly as this Government has shown itself incapable of managing data properly."
2008-04-07 - Kable - LibDems protest over children's DNA
Summary: Under 18s now account for one in four people added to the National DNA Database. Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Jenny Willott released the figures, obtained from a parliamentary question, with the claim that the government is dragging children into the criminal justice system. They show that between October 2007 and January 2008 25% of those added were 18 or younger, compared with less than 11% of those already on the database. Willott said that under 18s are being added at the rate of 5,000 per month. "There is something horribly Big Brotherish about a society that is adding over 5,000 kids a month to a DNA database when they're not even old enough to get a National Insurance Number," she said.