International Federation of Film Distributors Associations/International Federation of Film Producers Associations/Independent Film & Television Alliance/International Video Federation (FIAD-FIAPF-IFTA-IVF)

Key Personnel

  • President: Victor Hadida
  • Vice President: Trevor Green
  • Vice President: Stephen Hutter
  • Vice President: Jean-Jacques Varret
  • Treasurer: Michael Lambrechtsen
  • General Secretary: Antoine Virenque


FIAD represents the interests of film distributors, as well as those of other members of the media and audiovisual industries. They are interested in protecting the copyright interests of rightsholders. Their principal concern appears to be film distribution, and they are very committed to projects such as MEDIA, which promotes the circulation of European films throughout Europe.


They appear to address copyright issues as a secondary concern, so they may be less important than other non-governmental organisations with an interest in copyright.


They are allied with FIAPF, IFTA and IVF, as well as the international union of cinemas (UNIC); the European Broadcating Union (EBU) and the International Federation of Authors (FERA). They work with the European Commission; the European Parliament; WIPO; UNESCO and the European audiovisual observatory.

Further Information