Ian Murray MP

Communications Data Bill

A constituent sent this message to Ian Murray on 21/12/12:

Hello Mr Murray

Thank you very much indeed for seeing me this morning, and for our talk about the Communication Data Bill.

If you can, I would like you to write to the Home Office Minister, and ask if she will consider the following actions to enable the public, and other interested Organisations to ensure that the Home Office is accountable and transparent with regard to Digital Surveillance

Recent allegations in the news concerning the police and the BBC, mean that members of the public are right to question the integrity, probity and transparency of so-called " public servants " and " secret services ". Parliament is one of our few means of enabling citizens to challenge these secretive Departments and their secretive work.

It would be helpful to have the following suggestions

a) That the Home Secretary, in light of the Joint Committee report, now establish a full, transparent and public review of Digital Surveillance in the UK.

b) Carry out a public consultation to establish what plans there are in the Home Office to enact any further extensions to Digital Surveillance

c) Require the Home Secretary to include citizens and Privacy Organisations in all work of her Department that concerns our liberty and Digital Surveillance ; the Home Office repeatedly fails to consult with people, or Parliament and therefore wastes time and resources

Thank you again and a Happy Xmas

Ian Murray sent this response on 28/12/12:

I have sent a note to the Ministers at the Home Office for their response to the questions you posed. I shall send this response to you as soon as it is available.