Ian Lucas MP

Ian Lucas MP (Labour) MP for Wrexham. Studied law at Oxford, Before entering Parliament he worked as a solicitor specialising in criminal law and personal injury claims. First elected in 2001. Member of the All Party Internet Group.


2007-01-28 - The Register - Banish those mislaid ex-offender blues with ID Card!
Author: John Lettice
Summary: This week's absurd booster for ID cards came from this week's Home Secretary John Reid, in answer to a question from Ian Lucas MP (Lab, Wrexham) on Monday. "Is not the most fundamental issue relating to overseas prisoners the identification of those prisoners in the first place?" wittered Lucas. "At present, neither the police nor the Prison Service have any way of verifying the information that is given to them by the individuals who present themselves. Is that not the best argument yet for having an identity register?"