Iain Wright MP

MP for Hartlepool in the by-election in September 2004. Political interests are the economy, health and education. Has a BA and MA in History, and has worked as a chartered accountant

Digital Economy Bill

Has been contacted by at least one ORG supporter. Voted in favour.

House of Commons debates Iain Wright 19 October 2006

Will my right hon. Friend arrange for time for a debate on YouTube? I am aware that several hon. Members have found and used that website, but I am more concerned about a posting from my constituency. Entitled "Milton Road Fight Club", it shows a man being attacked in the street and kicked in the face until he is unconscious. I am worried that acts of violence and instances of happy slapping recorded on mobile phones are being transferred to the web for wider consumption. Will my right hon. Friend ensure that we have a debate in this House so that we can discuss how to stop this?



2006-10-21 - The Guardian - Move to ban happy-slapping on the web
Author: Patrick Wintour
Summary: Ministers are backing, in principle, plans to impose controls on the YouTube website to try to end the broadcasting of indiscriminate violence. Jack Straw, the former home secretary and current leader of the Commons, said he supported such controls. "There is a very serious issue how such videos should better be controlled," he said. Mr Straw raised the issue in the Commons on Thursday after Iain Wright, Labour MP for Hartlepool, said he was concerned about a posting from his constituency showing a man being kicked unconscious.
2006-10-20 - ars technica - British MP wants to rid YouTube of violent videos
Author: Anders Bylund
Summary: A couple of British politicians are up in arms about online videos of random acts of violence, and want "legal controls" to curb their spread. Yesterday, Commons leader Jack Straw argued for such measures to be added to the Violent Crimes Bill up for discussion next week. He was responding to Labour representative Iain Wright, who had been shown a YouTube video where one of his constituents was kicked unconscious. "I am concerned that acts of violence and instances of happy-slapping recorded on mobile phones are transferred to the Web for wider consumption," Wright said.
2006-10-19 - BBC - MP urges YouTube violence debate
Summary: Posting footage of assaults and violent acts on websites such as YouTube is a serious issue which MPs should discuss, Commons leader Jack Straw has said. His call followed a claim by Hartlepool MP Iain Wright that an attack in which a man was kicked unconscious in his constituency could be found online. Mr Wright said the availability of such videos on the internet was worrying.