IRC Chat Log - March 9th 2006

The Following is an unedited transcript from the #openrightsgroup IRC channel on, during the ORG volunteers meeting on March the 9th 2006:

[18:07] Suw: hey everyone

[18:07] Olate: hello

[18:07] bootc: hullo Suw :-)

[18:07] felipe: evening

[18:07] suzi:hello

[18:08] wendyg: I can't stay long, I'm afraid...

[18:08] bootc: How's the turnout in London, I wonder?

[18:08] Suw: we have eight of us here already

[18:10] wendyg: yeah, but it will be seven in a minute

[18:11] timcowlishaw: hello!

[18:12] Suw: hey :D

[18:12] Suw: wanna explain what's going on, tim?

[18:13] chryss: is lurking from the continent

[18:14] timcowlishaw: i will try....

[18:14] timcowlishaw: Suw: volunteering for org should be two way arrangement

[18:15] timcowlishaw: Suw has been very busy, not yet found time to delegate, this is first step in the arrangement of delegating work.

[18:15] timcowlishaw: We have some task-management software written that will help administer this.

[18:16] timcowlishaw: you tell it what you can do, and how long you have to spare, the system will return a task for you.

[18:16] timcowlishaw: we need to get it installed!

[18:16] timcowlishaw: it's php / perl.. we need someone who can get it up and running

[18:16] timcowlishaw: php OR perl

[18:17] bootc: do we already have a host for this? i.e. is it just a question of getting it installed?

[18:17] bootc: I'm willing to give it a short

[18:17] bootc: shot*

[18:17] timcowlishaw: Tom Crocher has just arrived in the room ad is introducing himself

[18:17] Olate: If it's PHP, I'm up for that

[18:17] timcowlishaw: Croucher

[18:18] Suw: ooh excellent!

[18:18] timcowlishaw: I have hosting space i'm willing to donate...

[18:18] sh1mmer joined the chat room.

[18:18] sh1mmer: ahoy hoy

[18:19] timcowlishaw: if it cannot go on the host

[18:19] Suw: we have hosting

[18:19] Suw: new hosting as it happens :D

[18:19] timcowlishaw: another new personn!

[18:19] timcowlishaw: paul blake has arrived...

[18:20] timcowlishaw: java/oracle techie

[18:20] timcowlishaw: Suw listing techie stuff that needs doing.

[18:20] timcowlishaw: *Install work management system (bootc / olate?)

[18:21] bootc: yup, put me down for that

[18:21] timcowlishaw: *database of members / signed up people - we need to be able to perform querys and get data out of this

[18:21] Olate: I can help bootc if need be

[18:21] timcowlishaw: sorry that doesn't make a vast amount of sense

[18:21] timcowlishaw: cool

[18:22] bootc: for this last one, is there something already out there or is this something that needs writing from scratch?

[18:22] timcowlishaw: sorry, i will rephrase that. we need to develop the supporters database (perl / mySQL)

[18:23] timcowlishaw: it exists already, sorry.

[18:23] timcowlishaw: i'm not making myself very clear.....

[18:23] bootc: so there's some schema and code that needs installing / improving?

[18:23] timcowlishaw: Tom says we might be able to blag software from 337 signals though

[18:23] timcowlishaw: 37 signals, even

[18:23] Olate: We could, but basecamp won't manage time

[18:23] Olate: Unless you get the higher plans

[18:24] timcowlishaw: Tom, are you on here?

[18:24] sh1mmer: is Tom

[18:24] sh1mmer: obfuscated

[18:25] timcowlishaw: need a new wordpress theme

[18:25] timcowlishaw: glyn has one already.

[18:25] timcowlishaw: sorry, that last one was a seperate point.

[18:26] Olate: Glyn has a new wordpress theme already?

[18:26] timcowlishaw: finally, we need to implement a script in the sidebar of the main blog which allows users to sign up to the mailman lists

[18:26] timcowlishaw: @Olate: apparently so

[18:26] timcowlishaw: that will be done by glyn too....

[18:26] timcowlishaw: Any Perl people on here?

[18:27] bootc: aye, I can do perl -- no expert tho, and time isn't limitless! :-D

[18:27] timcowlishaw: need to set up wordpress spam filters

[18:28] timcowlishaw: and spam moderation

[18:28] bootc: that would be PHP then, no?

[18:28] timcowlishaw: also to manually delete spam comments from blogs.

[18:28] Olate: Yeh. Wordpress is PHP

[18:29] timcowlishaw: @bootc, sorry the perl was related to an earlier point.

[18:29] bootc: ah, ok

[18:29] timcowlishaw: about the supporters database

[18:29] chryss: timcowlishaw, i know about spam protection for wp

[18:29] chryss: actually, just install spam karma...

[18:29] timcowlishaw: Suw: onto less techie stuff.

[18:30] timcowlishaw: need a couple of people to set up technorati watchlists, etc. and update press page with articles that mention or cite us

[18:31] timcowlishaw: preferably with a small summary.

[18:31] timcowlishaw: sorry everyone, just trying to transcribe what's going on here.

[18:32] timcowlishaw: Tom: this would give us credibility as an organisation

[18:33] timcowlishaw: Glyn: we can use this to convince MPs that digital rights are an important issue

[18:33] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need to each take responsiblity for specific issues

[18:34] timcowlishaw: Suw: and housekeep the wiki page for that area, adding news stories, links, etc...

[18:35] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need to set up a page on the wiki for ongoing help required, rather than specific tasks.

[18:36] timcowlishaw: Suw: we can use this page to choose what our responsibiilites are, and see who is taking care of what

[18:36] timcowlishaw: Suw: this helps us transfer responisibilities to others if you find tyou can't do them after all.

[18:36] timcowlishaw: *everyone here thinks this is a good idea*

[18:36] Olate: agrees

[18:37] bootc: aye

[18:38] timcowlishaw: Suw: in due course we should put together position papers on each issue

[18:38] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need to work out a standard for our Position Papers

[18:39] timcowlishaw: Suw: need to maintain a list of authors (optional - you can post anonymously), so that when information that has been developed on the wiki is published, those involved are credited.

[18:39] timcowlishaw: gavin from ffii has arrived

[18:40] timcowlishaw: Suw: our position will come from discussion on list and wiki, mediated by Suw

[18:41] timcowlishaw: timcowlishaw: ORGs position on vehicle tracking is that it is mass surveillance and a breach of human rights

[18:41] felipe: timcowlishaw: say hi to gavin for me :)

[18:41] timcowlishaw: if people disagreed, discussion would ensue until the a reasonalbe consensus was reached,

[18:41] timcowlishaw: then a paper would be published

[18:41] timcowlishaw: Tom: should we put a dsclaimer on the wiki, saying hte views expressed here are not those of ORG>

[18:42] timcowlishaw: ?

[18:42] timcowlishaw: Suw: say wiki should be left open unless this becomes an issue.

[18:42] timcowlishaw: sorry about my spelling btw-

[18:42] timcowlishaw: no problem felipe

[18:42] felipe: hehe. thanks

[18:43] timcowlishaw: Tom: we should still put 'things on the wiki are no necessarily ORGs official position, if in doubt please ask Suw'

[18:43] timcowlishaw: Suw: this should be brought up with the board

[18:44] timcowlishaw: Suw: we have a very wide remit

[18:44] timcowlishaw: Suw: accesibility is not one of those things

[18:45] timcowlishaw: Suw: lots of people are working on acc.., and there are a lot of things that *need* working on

[18:45] timcowlishaw: that aren't

[18:46] timcowlishaw: Suw: It's not like we're short of stuff to do

[18:46] timcowlishaw: Suw: we should be more proactive with researching specific issues for the wiki

[18:46] timcowlishaw: Suw: a lot of topics are defined, but need expansion.

[18:47] timcowlishaw: Glyn: we also need to sub and proof read / fact check some pages

[18:47] timcowlishaw: Tom: we could have a sort of linkdump page which can be refined later.

[18:47] timcowlishaw: Tom will do this

[18:48] timcowlishaw: Suw: we could pcik one page every week to feature on teh front page

[18:48] timcowlishaw: Suw: a 'stub' that needs working on. have an issue of the week that encourages development of that wiki area.

[18:49] timcowlishaw: Suw: encourage everyone to partake

[18:49] timcowlishaw: me:keep a list of 'stubs' that need expanding, so that those with spare time know what to work on

[18:49] timcowlishaw: i will sort this out

[18:50] timcowlishaw: and tidy up the front page

[18:52] timcowlishaw: me:we need a style guide for documents and a repository of logos and stationary etc.

[18:52] timcowlishaw: me and tom will do this.

[18:52] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need to design stickers, a 'kite' - not a real one

[18:52] timcowlishaw: like a triangular flag

[18:52] Olate: Are there any small logos/buttons that can be put on websites for promotion? Blogs and such

[18:53] timcowlishaw: nice idea, i think

[18:53] timcowlishaw: will ask suw

[18:54] timcowlishaw: Steve Thompson has joined us

[18:54] timcowlishaw: Suw says yes to that

[18:54] Olate: Ok

[18:54] timcowlishaw: it can be part of our the 'brand' package we are doing

[18:54] sh1mmer: I think Suw meant a kite was one of those 'makepovetyhistory' type thing

[18:54] sh1mmer: sorry if I got the wrong idea :)

[18:55] Suw: that's it exactly

[18:55] timcowlishaw: Suw will check with denise who did the logo to see if she's not already doing all this stuff

[18:55] timcowlishaw: *we are recapping the techie stuff from earlier for the benefit of steve*

[18:55] richardk joined the chat room.

[18:57] timcowlishaw: Steve can do a lot of the techie stuff involving langauages beginning with p

[18:57] timcowlishaw: as mentioned earlier

[18:57] timcowlishaw: Suw: last area that needs dong is admin-type stuff

[18:57] timcowlishaw: ^doing

[18:59] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need a new venue for meetups -

[18:59] timcowlishaw: me:the ICA? might be sympathetic

[18:59] timcowlishaw: Suw: will create a page on the wiki to help administer these events.

[19:00] timcowlishaw: Suw: ORG meetups AND london copyfigheters drunken brunch are being run by us

[19:00] KevinMarks left the chat room. (Connection timed out)

[19:02] timcowlishaw: Suw: we wnat to start running seminars and events

[19:02] timcowlishaw: Suw: bring journalists, members of the public

[19:02] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need a list of venues we can use. - page on the wiki.

[19:03] timcowlishaw: We can use university rooms

[19:03] bootc: just wondering, how many people are up north and would like a second location?

[19:04] bootc: do we even know?

[19:04] timcowlishaw: Suw: venues outside of london also good

[19:05] timcowlishaw: Tom: are the BCS neutral territory we could work at?

[19:06] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need someone to reseach new office space for us

[19:07] timcowlishaw: Suw: free office space would be good

[19:07] timcowlishaw: Suw: but not necessary

[19:07] timcowlishaw: necessarily

[19:07] timcowlishaw: Suw: we don't need a 'desk based solution' - needs to be flexible for people to come and go

[19:09] timcowlishaw: Suw: can anyone think of anything else we need to do?

[19:10] timcowlishaw: me:we could run a seminar for lawyers

[19:10] Suw: sterling idea

[19:11] timcowlishaw: Glyn: a lot of lobbying done by lawyers, so we need to get them on side.

[19:12] timcowlishaw: Gavin would like to run a co-event with us

[19:13] timcowlishaw: tom partner with media trust to ease organisational burden of events

[19:14] timcowlishaw: and to gain extra exposure

[19:14] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need to start a page on the wiki

[19:15] timcowlishaw: Tom will do this

[19:16] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need to follow up the people who have offered us money!

[19:17] timcowlishaw: guy to my left who's name i've forgotten:we could get money from cryptogaraphy comanies

[19:17] timcowlishaw: should this be a monthly meeting?

[19:18] timcowlishaw: yes.

[19:18] timcowlishaw: next thursday 13th of april?

[19:18] timcowlishaw: week after easter

[19:18] timcowlishaw: thursday 20th?

[19:18] Olate: Suits me

[19:20] timcowlishaw: next meeting:thursday 20th april.

[19:20] timcowlishaw: cool!

[19:21] richardk: Applauds the use of IRC to involve those of us not able to attend in person. Suggests its continued use.

[19:21] bootc: I second that!

[19:21] timcowlishaw: agrees as long as i'm not always the scribe!

[19:21] bootc: :-)

[19:21] timcowlishaw: how many of you are up north, btw

[19:21] timcowlishaw: ?

[19:21] bootc: me

[19:22] bootc: nobody else?!

[19:22] richardk: I'm out West. Cardiff.

[19:22] timcowlishaw: iif there are lots of people in one place could we have concurrent meetings there linked by IRC?

[19:22] timcowlishaw: if that makes sense?

[19:23] bootc: good idea, but by the looks of things we're few and far between

[19:24] suzi:I'm in sheffield.. a bit behind the conversation, sorry

[19:24] bootc: ah, so that makes 2 at least (I'm in Huddersfield)

[19:24] timcowlishaw: Suw: possibly a good idea....

[19:24] timcowlishaw: will make a page on the wiki

[19:25] timcowlishaw: in think we're adjourning to the pub now

[19:25] timcowlishaw: just discussing deadlines first...

[19:25] timcowlishaw: Suw: we need a calendar on the wiki

[19:25] bootc: also, how will we find out about the things we've volunteered for

[19:25] timcowlishaw: Tom: we can install calendar software

[19:26] timcowlishaw: it'll go on the wiki

[19:26] timcowlishaw: no doubt

[19:26] timcowlishaw: .....

[19:26] bootc: i.e. I'll need the code for the time-keeping app and details of the host so I can install it

[19:26] timcowlishaw: Suw has logged all the volunteering people, so i imagine you'll hear from her. email her?

[19:26] bootc: right, that's fine

[19:27] timcowlishaw: the org-discuss listserv and the wiki seem to be the main points of contact

[19:27] timcowlishaw: agreed on here

[19:28] timcowlishaw: Glyn: should we share press contacts?

[19:28] timcowlishaw: Suw: we're not short of contacts

[19:29] timcowlishaw: Suw: stear clear of press-releases.. they are an abomination of man.

[19:29] timcowlishaw: </rant>

[19:29] timcowlishaw: steve t:journalists hate them too.

[19:30] timcowlishaw: Suw: we will be running focused campaigns

[19:30] timcowlishaw: Suw: gowers review for example, vehicle tracking, childrens act

[19:31] bunnywabbit_ joined the chat room.

[19:33] timcowlishaw: we need to run more positive campaigns, don't want to be a 'pointy-finger' organisation

[19:34] bunnywabbit_ left the chat room.

[19:34] timcowlishaw: i think we've wrapped everything up now

[19:35] timcowlishaw: will try and post a more coherent summary on the wiki later.

[19:35] timcowlishaw: thanks everyone

[19:35] richardk: Thanks for typing!

[19:35] timcowlishaw: no problem

[19:35] timcowlishaw: :)

[19:35] Olate: Great. Thanks