Green Party

The Green Party is a political party that subscribes to social progressivism. Apart from their progressive views on the environment, sustainability and the economy, they have also campaigned on issues of internet freedoms and copyright infringement.

The Digital Economy Act

The Green Party have opposed this act as far back as 2010, suggesting it is 'deeply flawed and illiberal' [1]

Tom Chance 2010 Speech

Tom Chance suggested three key criticisms of the Bill

  • 'No due process, just disconnection'
  • Lack of parliamentary oversight
  • 'Chilling effect' if ISP's block websites

In turn, he suggested the individuals should not be prosecuted for sharing content for personal use. A transcript of the speech can be viewed here[2]

Approach to Intellectual Property

The Green Party 'encourage the Green value of greater sharing and to make it more difficult to obtain patents and similar forms of protection than at present.'



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