George Young MP

George Young MP (Conservative) MP for North West Hampshire. Member of the All Party Internet Group. Member of EURIM.

Digital Economy Bill

George Young is being visited by at least one ORG supporter

Internet Censorship

In October 2005 a Ten Minute Rule Bill was introduced to parliament by Margaret Moran that would require anybody who provides an 'electronic communication network' (which given the current definition would include home networks) to declare whether or not they have made provision to prevent access to child pornography websites. George Young was one of the twelve MPs who brought in the Control of Internet Access (Child P0rnography) Bill 2006.


2007-09-30 - Derek Wyatt website - Broadband Speeds campaign
Author: Derek Wyatt MP
Summary: Computeractive Campaign. Members of Parliament have added their support to Computeractive's Crystal Clear broadband campaign, which has shown that nearly two-thirds of consumers are achieving less than half of the advertised download speeds from internet service providers (ISPs). ... The campaign also garnered support from Conservative MP George Young. "I agree that there's insufficient consumer understanding of what's realistic to expect in terms of day-to-day performance and that suppliers have a key role to play in setting realistic expectations rather than hyping the maximum as if it were the norm. I do believe Ofcom has a role to play," he told us.
2004-06-28 - The Guardian - 'Rogue diallers' hack computers
Summary: Sir George Young (Conservative MP for North West Hampshire) and Derek Wyatt (Labour MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey) have called a debate in parliament tomorrow. "We both have constituents who have been billed for calls they have never made, because a virus has been installed on their computer which dials a premium rate number," they said.