Frequently Asked Questions about legal issues

This is a list of frequently asked questions about UK digital rights law, based on our experience with the Legal Referrals project.

Nothing on this page should be regarded as legal advice. If you need legal advice, you can contact our legal panel who work on a pro-bono, voluntary basis and may be able to respond.


Is my parody lawful, given that there is a new 'parody exception'?

Not all parodies will be lawful. This is a useful guide:

Can I reuse quotations, or excerpts in my Creative Commons work?


Data protection

My school wants my child to use their data driven services and keep information about them. What can I do?

A wifi provider I use interferes with SSL certificates. Why are they doing this and is this legal?


Can the police seize the data on my phone during stop and search or if I am taken to the police station?

When can the police compel me to hand over a password to examine my phone or laptop?

Tor exit nodes

I am running a Tor exit node and the police think I am responsible for problems associated with. Am I?

The police want me to monitor my Tor exit node. What can I do?

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