European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO)

Key Personnel

  • Director: Michael Bartholemew
  • Executive Manager Operations: Josef Leonard Debecker
  • Senior Adviser, Public Affairs: Fiona Taylor


ETNO is the “principal policy group for European electronic communications network operators”#. They represent the interests of European telecommunications network operators. They are interested in the “development of the Information society to the benefit of users”#. They may not be as important as other organisations as they have not identified copyright as one of their core areas of interest, although it is an important secondary area.


They have said that they will not carry out detailed work on specialist subjects covered by other operator bodies.


Their principal ally in the field of Intellectual Property is the 3G Patent Platform Company. Most of their allies are telecommunications standards organisations such as the European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications (EURESCOM) and ETIS (e- and Telecommunications Information Services).

Further Information

ETNO Website